Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm in a bind

Ha! Kidding! I just bound 5 Project Linus quilts. I figure if I do 5 tonight, 5 Thursday night and 5 Friday night I'll be able to turn them in to Kelly when I see her on Saturday.

Saturday is my last block of the month for my Moda-U. We'll get a 13th Bonus block to make and I'll pick up my finishing kit. Depending what's going on I might stay out there and work on the 13th block and then start working on putting my quilt top together!! I can't wait to see what this one looks like all put together because I just can't picture it. Here's all the blocks together:

I do also need to get out to Frank's on Saturday so that I can pick up black batting for that block of the month quilt. Hmmmm, perhaps I can run out there Friday straight from work. I still need to get black backing for it. Patched Works didn't have any extra wide so I think I'll just get the same black that I bought for the outer border and binding so that it all matches nice....that is, if I can remember which black that was! Arrrgghhhh!!!! Why do I do this to myself?

I was planning on throwing my tree skirt on the frame tonight but I got my height adjusting legs today from the Grace Company and it doesn't make much sense to set my machine up on the frame to take it back down tomorrow. The leveling mounts that came with the legs are cheesy in my book but that's because I know better. I'm going to put the same Mighty Mounts on the bottom of my Grace Frame that I have on the bottom of my Janome 6600 Table. Might as well make the Frame match!! I'm hoping we have them in stock at work; if we do hopefully I can get Mike to install them on his day off on Friday. Or, he'll just tell me I'm nuts. It's a crap shoot.

Since I was done putting the binding on those 5 quilts earlier than I anticipated, I needed another short project. I decided to make my 3 blocks for a friendship quilt we're making. I just got the last blocks in the mail earlier this week. My mom and I were waiting to make our blocks until we knew how many blocks were needed for an even quilt. We needed 5 more so my mom is doing two and I did three. I think they turned out really nice. I pulled the blocks off of Quilter's Cache and used my Triangulations software to make all of my half square triangles. I just LOVE how accurate they turn out.

Annie's Choice

Cut Glass Dish

Ocean Waves Variation

I got my January/March Newsletter in the Mail today from Bits & Pieces. They're having a bus trip to Rosemont on April 11th & 12th. I wanted to go last year and couldn't.

Bits & Pieces is also looking for "Angels" for an evening group. I'm part of the Angel Quilter's group. This is the group I make Project Linus and Project Snuggles quilts with. Please, if you're local consider joining this group. For more information call 262-547-6022. If you don't have time for a meeting, there are pre-cut kits available!!

Ohhh, and I see Bits & Pieces is also having a Winter Festival Sale, 10-30% off, January 17th -20th. You pick your discount from a jar! How fun is that??


Connie said...

Jen, first off, I love all the blocks! I think sampler-style quilts are so neat. Can't wait to see the finished tops! Second, if you do decide to go to Rosemont in April and you are there on Sat., maybe we could set a time to meet and say hi! It would be cool to meet you in person!

Kristie said...

Wow! You sure got alot done. I can't wait to see the Moda-U blocks together. I think it will be beautiful! I love the fabrics used in it. I also like your friendship blocks. Can't wait to see that together too.

Moneik said...

Great job getting the binding on. I love your friendship blocks too. Can't wait to see what the quilt looks like.

Maureen said...

Tell me more about the whole Quilting Angel thing, please!

I will be in Rosemont so if you come there maybe I will meet up with you and just say hi and tell you about the classes I took.

Love all the blocks both Modu-U and your friendship blocks.

Gina said...

I love your blocks. Friendship quilts are such a lovely idea.

love and hugs xxx

Nancy said...

I like your friendship blocks - looking forward to seeing the final product!