Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lucy Part 2

Co-worker this morning: You're here, you mustn't have killed him.
J:Nah, he's bummed enough.

Fast forward. I get an email from Mike with info about a truck. Huh, thought we were waiting until April. But, this truck is sooooo NOT safe so really yeah ok, time for a new truck. Email back my questions. Mention that he should just call our dealer guy to see what he can offer. We do have a GM card that we've been accumulating GM dollars on.

I call Mike...
J:Soooo, would a dealer even take it on a trade in or do we have to dispose of it ourselves.
M:I think we'd have to take it to a Junk Yard.
(I dissolve into fits of laughter)
M:It's not funny you know.
(Still Laughing)
J:Yes, it so is.

Time passes, emails are exchanged. Dealer says to come in tonight and to bring the truck, that they'll give him something for it.
J:You have no tail lights.
M:No, we'll just go in your car.
J:We could take both, I could drive behind you and be your tail lights.
M:No, we'll just go in your car.
J:You know that light bulb you just got me with the batteries? (The closet type) Why don't we get another one and two red bulbs...instant tail lights.
(I dissolve into fits of laughter and can't stop...Sanford and Son's theme song playing in my head)
M:Barry's going to be devastated.
J:WHAT? Why?
(dissolve into MORE laughter)
M:You're NOT FUNNY. I really don't like you right now.
J:But it is funny, it's not like you're putting down a dog, it's just a truck.
M:I've had that truck longer than I've been with you.
J:I suppose, it's like if my sewing machine died.
Mike: No, it's not like that at all.
J:It's dead. It's funny.

Co-worker:Did you see the picture I sent Mike?
J:Yes, that is too funny. (Picture of truck that looks like it's from the Beverly Hillbillies with R.I.P. on top.)

Mike's comeback:T0o much time on your hands today?

Yeah, I'm just not sure why he's not thinking this is funny. I thought my tail light idea was pretty ingenious. Needless to say we're going car shopping tonight.

Stay tuned to find out what Lucy's fate will be.


teresa said...

Oh, Men and their trucks! should we send flowers? Teresa.

Anonymous said...

Lucy has been in my life since 1995. The longest relationship I've had!

Suzan said...

Just read the anonymous comment...Poor Mike! I had a husband that wanted to be buried in his Dodge Demon. Men are so weird! :)

Michelle said...

Before you haul Lucy to the junkyard, why don't you call the Salvation Army? They take donations at some places, at least here in Iowa, and through the rehabilitation center, the people who are going through rehab there, learn to work on vehicles, they fix them up, and then they either use them, or sell them. Just a thought. Maybe the SA in your state has a program like that too.

Would that be better than going to her final resting place?

Tell Mike I'm sorry his friend is sick.

Going back to my childhood days....SOOOOOoooo long ago, I remember one night when my dad, my two brothers and I were going to Maquoketa (we lived in Oxford Jct) to the drive in theater. We had just left town, and our hood flew straight up! Was THAT freaky! The good thing is, they built cars WAY heavier and tougher than they do now, and dad just put the hood back down, secured it, and on we went. I think since that time, though, they put the extra safety latch on them so if you don't get the hood completely down, the second latch catches it.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I so love sarcasm. Is that why I like you? Is there a funeral in the works? Perhaps a "wake" would be more appropriate?
Happy car shopping....

Kristie said...

Poor Mike! Richard is the same way with Bertha (his 1985 Chevy) but I can't say too much. Richard keeps trying to get me to trade my car in for a new one and I refuse. I know my car may be old but I love it and it is paid for. He says that he has never seen a woman that refuses to buy herself a new car! I like mine and I don't really care how old it is.

Have fun truck shopping! Can't wait to see what you buy!!!

Regina said...

You could both be happy - buy this truck:

(if the link does not come through - let me know and I will email it to you)

Moneik said...

I feel for Mike, Paul has his 1985 red Chevy Silverado pickup that he just won't give up, even though he has his new pickup. Good luck letting go.

Heather said...

I guess I have had too many brothers and been too close to my dad.. because if i had to give up my 02 silverado (first truck I paid for myself and its paid off) I would cry.. infact I would be a mess.. dad told me to trade it in on my car and I said NO way.. now I'm trying to convince him to trade with me his big 2500 diesel for my 1500 silverado.. deal is almost made.. NOT