Friday, January 4, 2008

Not much quilting going on around here

I've become obsessed recently with trying to design a 12 pointed block that I can make into a background for a clock that I'd like to make for my Quilting Studio. I'm usually computer literate but wow...EQ is just way over my head. I've watched the videos, I've tried some of the things in the cookbook. Why isn't it easier to use? If I never learn to use this, I'll probably never learn to use my Quilters Cad because it's kind of on the same level only Quilter's Cad came with no freaking directions.

So MS Publisher is back to being my quilt block designer. I'll just make my line drawings that way. I finally got EQ5 to load into my laptop - I was having such problems with that and wondering if EQ6 would be any easier but honestly I don't want to upgrade to a newer program if I can't function in the old one.

That's my story. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a few quilts on and off my frame.


Kristie said...

I don't think I could use EQ5 or 6. They do seem to be very complicated. I have the old beginner version "Quilt Wizard". I like it, it is very easy to use, and you download new blocks free every month. I only downfall to it is you can't design your own blocks.

Maureen said...

I have the upgrade to EQ5 ... need to install that one of these days! I have been lazy on that plus it is in the quilt room...okay that is a whole other topic!!!!!

Good luck drafting the block. I remember I took a class on how to draft a Mariner's Compass. Again the instructions are in the quilt room...again a whole other topic.

Hazel said...

Add me to the list I have EQ6 and it was the biggest waste of money, I have only used it once .I also have quilt pro and perfer it to EQ .Jen thank you so much for the link to amazon I ordered the book .

Anita said...

Hey Jen, you can email me questions about EQ6. I teach classes on it. There is SO much that you can do with it, but it's not always obvious at the beginning. I use it ALL the time.

Anita said...

Has anyone else's amaryllis bloomed yet. Mine is huge, but no bloom yet.

Heather said...

I have EQ5 and EQ6. I use them both and recently have had alot of ideas to put into them but at the moment can't find my EQ5 disks to be able to put it on my laptop. I guess it will all come together when its supposed to... Once you figure it out you'll enjoy it.. the videos really didn't help me either the lessons on the EQ website and o=in one of the books really helped.