Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our own Little Shop Hop

Despite the cold today was an awesome day. My Mom, Maureen and I started at the Olive Garden for lunch. Good old Soup, Salad & Bread Sticks. YUM!!

We headed over to the Quilted Basket; a store I'd never been to. It was a nice store; but not at all what I expected after hearing about it all these years. Since none of us were after anything our big purchases were brushes for our machines. We each got a combo brush on one side, bottle brush type gizmo on the other side.

Fancy Schmantzy Lint Brush

Stopped at Bigsby's because they were having a sale. I picked up two pieces of fabric that I saw the last time I was in there. They match my Pansy fabric. The funny thing is that I printed out a picture of that fabric so that I could take it along with me today. I had everything BUT that piece of paper so I had to wing it. It should work though because I believe it's from the same family as the other fabrics that I purchased last year. So the two purple pieces are what I purchased today to go with the fabrics below it.

Purple for Pansy

Blues, Greens & Purple to go with the Pansy fabric I've had for a few months.

Hightailed it over to Patched Works to see Julie. I had a pattern and a bundle of fabric "speak" to me. Of course Maureen and my Mom making fun of me didn't help things and it ended up coming home with me along with my black backing fabric for my 2nd Friday BOM quilt and the white on white that I'm going to use for my Ocean Waves quilt.

White on White for Ocean Waves

Flowers for Kashmier

We were onward ever onward to Bits & Pieces. I bought a cute Valentines Day panel that I quilted for my door. It just needs binding and it's all set. I couldn't resist picking up a red fabric that I just fell in love with (Gale, that one is your fault!!) and a brown piece from the Flirtations line that I'd like to work into a Miranda.



Valentine door hanging

Last quilty stop was Jo-Ann's. Mike finally agreed that I could make a pair of fleece pants for him. I picked up some Packers fleece and I'll get those sewn up tomorrow mornng.


Oh yeah, my Mom coerced me into taking her Grocery shopping. Luckily it was quick and painless.


Gina said...

I love your fabric choices. Just my colours.

love and hugs xxx

Heather said...

Finally I know some one other than my family that cheers for the packers. I don't know when we started but for as long as I can remember dad has been a packers fan.. his dad grew up in wisconsin and we still have family there though. My dad's Aunts and Uncles lived in Cumberland. I think they were the town realtors... and their house was the hospital way back when... talk about some weird nights spent there... lol... there are alot of memories there when I was little but I haven't been there since my Grandpa passed and last I heard his remaining brother and sister weren't doing great. I can hardly keep up with my brothers let alone grandpa's. Love your fabrics, they would have talked to me too.


Suzan said...

I can understand why that bundle of fabric was speaking to you! It is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Kristie said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I love all of your fabrics. I think my favorite is the bundle, can't wait to see it in a quilt.

I also love your pansy fabrics. I know you have been adding to it for a while now, do you have a certain project in mind for it??

And when are you going to start your Ocean Waves? I love that pattern and the fabrics that you have been buying for it.

Debi said...

I love the panel, will have to look for it myself. Now I need to find Green Bay Packer fabric here in Texas.

Debi said...

I love the panel, will have to look for it myself. Now I need to find Green Bay Packer fabric here in Texas.

Connie said...

Jen, that bundle of fabric is talkin' to me too! What fabric line is that??? Inquiring minds want to know!

Maureen said...

Okay Jen I was only letting you know I heard the fabric calling your name too not making fun of you! :-) Ohh we had soo much fun and it was rather an adventure!

Maureen said...

I forgot to say...I love the pansy fabric and fabrics that go with it...wish they were mine! :-)

Moneik said...

Can't believe you guys got so much done. Sounds like you had a fun time shopping. I love the fabrics you got, especially the purple ones.

Nancy said...

LOVE that pansy fabric - and your choices of fabrics to go with it are perfect!