Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pooooooooooor Lucy

So I'm sitting at work and around 4:15 the phone rings and on caller id Mike's number pops up. I'm figuring Mike wants to know what I want for dinner and that's just not how the conversation went...

Mike:(Sounding frantic)I went to put brake fluid in the clutch.
Jen:What? Brake fluid in the clutch?
M:I didn't have any so I ran into work to see if anyone else had any. The hood came off the truck.
J: Huh? What part of the car are you talking about? Hood, brake, clutch?
M:I was driving on Moorland and the hood flew up.
J:Why are you putting brake fluid in the clutch?
M:It takes brake fluid. (Growing ever so impatient)
J:(what he's saying is sinking in) What do you mean the hood flew up?
M:When I ran into work I put the hood down so the lock wouldn't catch for when I came back out to put the brake fluid in. No one had any, I drove away.
J:I still don't understand why you're putting brake fluid in the clutch.
M:The clutch was soft.
J:But it's brake fluid... (Why he didn't start yelling at me I don't know)
J:Are you ok?
J: What do you mean off? Off Off?? Can you get it back on?
M:Yeah but it ripped off, hardware and everything, only on by a little bit.
M:I'm going to try to make it home.

Shaking my head...I know where this is going. It's a 1995 with a bazillion miles on it and an original clutch; etc. Thinking $hit, we haven't even gotten our W2's to get our taxes done yet to know what we're getting back.

Hop onto Chevy's website because Hubby is a Devout Chevy Man. Choke at the prices I see and wonder where the heck the inexpensive S-10's have gone. I mean, the Colorado STARTS at $17K and you know that's bottom of the barrel. Play with the payment calculator, freak out a bit. Drive home. Don't see dead truck on the side of the road anywhere. Walk in the house and say I've got to sign us up for AAA.

M:Why? What else can happen? Did you see the big dent?
J: Well I need it either way for when I drive to Ohio for Jill's retreat.
M:A new hood would probably cost about $100 at a junk yard, who knows how they'd put it on, a new clutch is about $1500.
J:Yeah, I've already gathered that you need a new truck. What happened to the S-10's?
M:It's the Colorado now.
J:Did you see the prices?!?!?
M:Well, I can bungie the hood down for now.
J:What are you going to attach it to? It's rusty.

So we discuss and decide he's going to try to limp along until April but if we need to do it now, we'll do it now.

Mike goes out to get us dinner at Hawg City. To get there he has to go through the Apartment Complex and all the speed bumps. I tell him to take my car.

M: Do you really trust me to drive your car?
J:Well it's better than you driving the truck.
M:But I need to know if I Can drive the truck and I'd rather test it at 20mph.

Comes back.

M:I have no tail lights, I have break lights, I don't have windshield wipers and I don't have dash lights.
J: (Severe Sarcasm)Well, we could get you a book light to clip onto the steering wheel...then you could see how fast you're going.
M:I'm so not liking you right now.


Anonymous said...

She is a 1996 not 1995....I've owned her since 1995..

jillquilts said...

Very interesting! And by interesting, I mean that I am LOL'ing over here!

Moneik said...

I'm feeling for Mike on this one. I know how much having pickup trouble sucks! Mine's a 98 and I'm about ready to hit 200,000 miles on it. And yes you do need break fluid for the clutch. I had to have a new clutch a couple years ago and then recently a new master cylinder and this week a new fuel pump. I'm hoping to keep mine for another year though. I'm rooting for Mike for a new pickup!

heather said...

Thanks for warning me what I have to look forward to. I didn't have the chance to have these problems before some idiot ran a red and totaled my 94, and I bought a little honda so that I could I guess prolong the inevatable that my truck would croak one day... thank goodness Mike is ok... watch for the deals that are in the newspaper at the dealerships thats how I got a deal on mine