Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Exciting News from Monday

I'm a little behind in blogging of my day to day so bear with me while I catch up.

On Monday night I went to Frank's Sewing Center to help Wendy cut the next block for our Friday block of the month. As Maureen was sick it ended up being just Wendy, her daughter and I. No big deal because it went quick and I'm a big fan of assembly line stuff. Cutting the same thing over and over out of strips I like, dealing with wonky shaped scraps that seem to have no end, I don't like! I'm odd, but I find it relaxing. (In the background I hear Wendy CHEERING because preparing 72 kits each month is one heck of a task for one person.)

Now for the really exciting part...


I know, I know those of you who know me in real life know that after the Scrapbook Teaching I did, I swore that I'd never do it again. But you know what, this is a completely different circumstance, it will be a challenge and I'm excited about the prospect of it.

I'm sensing you want the story on the Scrapbook Teaching so here goes. A few years back a new Scrapbook Store in the area opened up very close to home and I started teaching a few classes. My very first class was on Mosaic pages. I had one student in that first class and the experience was a complete nightmare. She had maybe created 4 scrapbook pages in total before taking the class and I'm not sure she had actually ever seen a mosaic scrapbook page before signing up even though there were samples in the store. At first I thought, no big deal it's one on one. Well, you need about 25 pictures or so for a 2 page layout. The basic principal is you cut the pictures up into 1 inch squares and put them back down into a grid, eliminating a few squares from each one here and there to make them all fit and blend together well. You get fantastic results from landscape pictures, floral pictures, things like that. She brought in her children's expensive school pictures and was just happily cutting them up all while I kept cringing to myself and trying to talk her into scrapping the mosaic idea and just putting together a really nice looking layout incorporating all these expensive pictures. Nope, cut them all up and no matter how I tried to help her she didn't want to listen to any of my tips. I wanted to scream, "Why are you taking a class then?" It looked horrible. If I remember right, she later complained to the store owner about my horrible class and how mad she was that I MADE HER cut up her expensive pictures. Not the case at all but in her mind it was.

As the months progressed I taught other things. With scrapbooking classes you assemble a lot of the items they need before hand. It's a lot of cutting, a lot of paper, a lot of TIME. I had to be extremely careful not to duplicate an idea that I had seen in a book so it was a bit hard to come up with 12 new tag designs each month or 12 new layouts when everything seems to spin off of something else or you get the idea for it from your photos. I always had to be prepared for 10 students because the store would allow people to sign up until the day before. Because they were a new store and not known very well at that time, I'd have maybe 2-3 people in a class if the class would go at all. A lot of the stuff was seasonal so I'd teach the same class and items once a month for 3 months. While I would have liked to do different things it wasn't cost effective to because I'd have so many things cut and left over from the month before.

I enjoyed teaching my scrapbooking classes but it just wasn't worth it so I stopped and poured my energies into teaching my friends just for fun to use up all the crap that I had accumulated. I swore I'd never do it again and yet here I am excited by this new endevor. No ill will between me and the store; I still pop in there from time to time when I need things.

I still enjoy scrapbooking but as the world turns more to digital photography, less people actually print out their photo's including myself. I don't take as many "real" pictures as I used to. Most are just for fun or to put on my blog. I've not given up on scrapbooking, I can always dig things up to put into books if I want to, or I help my cousin Tracey get caught up on the books for her Girls. Scrapbooking kids events is more fun than scrapbooking my own events.

So that's my story. Now to sit down and make up some class samples and in progress totes!!


Debi said...

Good luck with teaching the class, I am sure it is going to go just fine.

Kristie said...

That is so exciting!!! I think it is great! If I lived closer, I would take your class!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I think its great and I don't think you'll run into the same situation with your Miranda class. After all everyone has their own supply list that they are responsible for right? As long as you gather all the pieces for your bags in the begining you won't be left with demonstration pieces lying around you can just finish them into bags and use them as gifts or something. Like Kristie if I was closer I would take your class.

Michelle said...

Congratulations!!!! You will be a blast, and all the students will be blessed to have you as their teacher. What FUN they will have!

jillquilts said...

The Very Badley class that I took, the teacher didn't even make her own to show us what to do! You wouldn't need to be out any money! And the students should bring their own materials.

I used to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator and I still have a bunch of the crap that I tried to sell. I do not think that I will ever get back into it at this point, but I could be wrong. I haven't made a card or anything in over a year! Now, I quilt!

Trina said...

I just ordered the Miranda bag pattern yesterday!! I wish I lived closer too, I've never sewn a bag before, but I was so impressed with the one you made for your mom for Christmas I thought I would give it a try!!

And Jill, I use to be a Creative Memories demonstrator!! I loved it but the prices were waaaay to high, and our minimums were ridiculous!!

Maureen said...

I am sure you will be a great teacher! When will the class be held?

Hazel said...

You'll be a fantastic teacher ,your own bags are great so I don't see you having any problems at all .If anything goes wrong you could always tell one of your funny stories .Just be yourself thats what we all love about you .

Regina said...

Yay - I love teaching bag classes - they are so fun, and since I usually do one right along with the students, I have another bag to add to my gifts to give stash.

You will be Mahhhvelous!

Moneik said...

You'll do a fabulous job and everyone will really enjoy the experience. I know my mom always makes a sample and then teaches with what the students bring. It's easy to show how to do each step with the students fabric and you don't have the expense of making another one.