Monday, January 21, 2008

Talk about being productive

I LOVE the pretty snow that we're getting. It warmed up just enough not to hurt my lungs. It was falling ever so pretty. Snow is relaxing to watch. It's not great that it's so cold, but I'd take that to summer allergies any day! Brushing off my car was pretty funny...the snow flew off the car as if it was fake glittery snow. The roads weren't too bad. It only took me an additional 5 minutes to get home. I mean, it's snow, we live in Wisconsin. It's not like we're not going to have snow. Might as well enjoy looking at it.

I worked on my Sunflower Dresden Plate quilt. I still needed to do the rest of the quilting on the sunflower petals and centers. The quilting isn't what I had in my head, but I still really like the way it turned out. It looks really cool from the back. As soon as it was done I made my binding and got that put on.

Sunflower Dresden Plate Quilt

Sunflower Dresden Plate - Close up

Sunflower Dresden Plate Back

Next up, I put the binding on the cute little Valentine's Day wall hanging that I made. I know, this is probably the one thing I did let myself start but at least it's done and out of the way already. I spent next to no time on it. It's already hanging on the door.

Valentine's Day Wallhanging

Then I was trying to figure out how much binding I needed for the tree skirt. Math is NOT my strong point. In fact, I didn't understand fractions until I started quilting. I'd try, and try and try. I'd stay after school for help. My dad and I would sit at the kitchen table each night and I just didn't get it. Basics I can do...but Geometry...Advanced Algebra....not so much. The only way I got through Algebra II was pretty much cheating my way through. Yes Mom, $13 a day and I cheated at Algebra just to pass. So I say to Mike, "Do you think there's some kind of equation that if I know how far across a circle is, I can find out how much binding I need to go around it?" He starts rattling off something about Pie Squared (yes I know it's a little symbol but I'm not seeing that on my keyboard). I don't know, if you're not talking about Triple Berry Pie or Lemon Meringue, I'm just not interested in your Pie yadda yadda. Any who, he's all, "Don't you remember pie?"

Me: Isn't it 3.17 or something?
Mike: You've got two numbers right.
Me: 3.11?
Mike: Still two numbers right.
Me: 3.12345678910?
Mike: The first two and then Bret Farve's Number.

OK, YOU KNOW WHAT? MAKING FUN OF THE FACT THAT I DON'T GET MATH IS PRETTY PISSY. So fine, moving right along 3.14 squared, blah blah blah. More Blah's all to tell me it's 3.14 x the diameter. Sigh. Just tell me THAT instead of making me guess what pie is. In the end I was sooo frustrated and well, Mad. I don't think he quite gets how frustrated I get with Math and how quickly I get frustrated.

So now I decide I need 6 strips cut at a 45 degree angle. Yeah, made the mistake of folding it in half like I do to cut strips. I've got a strip that has 4 different angles to it. At least I figured out how to do geometric shapes!! Is there an easy way to cut this? And DON'T say the continuous tube method. I have no problem cutting and sewing together....I just can't make it work for some reason.

Somehow I think that project will be moved to the bottom of the list instead of being finished up!! Or, I'll just cheat and go buy biased tape!!


Michelle said...

That's what I was going to say...go buy Bias Tape.

Carla said...

Put yourself out of your misery and buy the bias tape.

jillquilts said...

Man, if I was there with you, I would have figured out the measurement for you! Mike probably frustrates you on purpose! :D

Nancy-Rose said...

I've never cut bias binding either, but I've got to! My Egg Money quilt is ready for quilting, and I want to do scalloped borders for the first time.

Come on Jen! We can dooooooo it!!!


Anonymous said...

Jen, the quilts are beautiful and I love the quilting on the dresdon plate quilt! Great job. I'd say buy the binding for the tree skirt, it will be much easier!

Kristie said...

I think your sunflower and your Valentine's Door Banner are both very beautiful.

I don't have a clue about the bias binding. I would buy it and go from there.

You know how Mike was doing you over the math...well..Andrew is 14 and he does me like that. Andrew is in the 9th grade and already has a college math class. He is sooooooo smart!!

Debi said...

Your Dresden quilt is very pretty, I love the colors.

Suzan said...

The only way I do bias is with the "tube method" so I concur with everyone else. Go buy it! Why make yourself crazy over it?

Moneik said...

I only know how to make it with the tube method, so I'm really no help! The way I learned was with the little turquoise quilt bible and lots of help from mom. If you can find it buy it!

Amelia said...

Valentine wall hanging is cute!

You are not alone in your world of disliking math.

I am like you in the "Pie" world..make mine lemon or pecan.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Unless you're talking triple berry pie from Bakers Square I can't help you out either. Put it away for another day.

Maureen said...

I would put it away for another day...I loved math and algebra!!! I know you will figure it are one smart cookie.


Nancy said...

Thanks for showing the back of the sunflowers - I like them even more now that I've seen the back! Good luck with the binding - then you can tell us all how to do it!

Anonymous said...

Loved the quilting on your flower quilt, and the colors in the valentine's vase quilt. As for the length of the binding, why cant you just use a tape measure and measure around the tree skirt? Then add some extra inches, maybe 6to 12. That way it would only involve addition...Just my 2 cents.

Lisle H said...

Here's a ton of great quilting info, including some binding tips. Tube, yes, but there's no reason not to. Otherwise, you just cut the corner off your fabric at a 45-degree angle and go from there. Easy-peasy.