Monday, January 21, 2008

This ruler is Genius!!

~~~~Insert Teletype Sounds Here~~~~

I just opened up the Checker Newsletter and they had a posting about this ruler by Creative Grids. It's genius!! It's a 5 inch ruler with markings at 5 inch increments. Perfect for cutting your stash into 2-1/2 inch Jelly Roll strips or Charm Squares. Ok, THIS I could possibly do. That's sayin' something since we all know I'm ready to toss my scraps to the curb.

Sure, I could just use my regular rulers and do this task but I got to say the not thinking part is pretty appealing. If you read Checker's post it talks about having a stash cutting THAT could be fun. They also talk about organizing your that got me thinking...cutting different colorways with friends so that everyone could start with their own color theme for a quilt.

Or, someone could just come out with a 5" square so that after I cut my 5" strips the charm square cutting becomes a non-thinkier. Charm Squares...that's something I can manage. With all the charm patterns out these days! Ohhhhh. Or even those awesome Criss Cross Coasters!

Sooo...I hope one of my local haunts decides to carry these because I've gotta have one!!


Moneik said...

I haven't seen this one before, but sounds interesting. I always said I wanted a 2 1/2" ruler specifically for cutting binding.

Amelia said...

Let us know where you find it and how you like it. Sounds like another ruler I "must" have.

Carla said...

There is a 5" square ruler out there. It's part of the Dear Jane 2-ruler set which includes the 5" square and the triangle ruler to make that quilt. It's made by EZ Quilting Tools. That'll work!

Jots3 said...

You can order the ruler from If it's not on their website, give them a call or write an email and they will fix you up.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I don't know how I missed this ruler the first time I know I read this post. Once I get moved I am going to have to get me one. Maybe we should have a strip/ charm challenge in group and see what people come up with.. smiles