Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tree Skirt

I finally got up the guts to quilt my tree skirt. I did end up floating the batting and top. It was much easier than I anticipated but I don't think it's a method quite for me! It definitely worked for the round tree skirt so I'll use it again when the time comes to make more skirts.

I just did my usual overall stipple. I didn't feel like digging through my batting pieces so I just used some low loft poly that I had on a roll. I got quite a few thread breaks before I was smart enough to put a little Sewers Aide on my needle. After that it was smooth sailing. (Let's not point out that it's not completely round...k?)

Tree Skirt - Quilted

Upclose of tree skirt quilting

Now of course I have to get over my fear of Bias Binding! I've not made any since my mom and I took a class on the Continuous Bias Binding a year and a half ago. That making it in a tube thing is so not for me. It doesn't help that I got the flu real bad the next day so I'm sure that was why my attention span was shot. I think I'm just going to cut it on the 45 (it is the 45 degree mark that you use right?) and then sew my strips together.

But first...I'm going to put my sunflower dresden plate quilt on the frame. I've been putting this one off for a year and a half just because I didn't feel that my quilting was going to be good enough for it. Now, I'm ready to stipple it. Just need to go clean out my machine, wind a few bobbins, load it on and I'll be ready to roll.

Sunflower Dresden Plate


Connie said...

LOVE the skirt--my bee is still going to be making these as a project--in fact, I bought a 9 deg. ruler using one of my X-mas gift cards on Sat. I am going to use a bundle of fat quarters I bought at the Rosemont show a couple years ago--I can only hope mine looks so good when it's done!

Morah said...

Love the skirt. I always wish I had a reason to make one......I'm so jealous that you have your own machine at home!!!!

Maureen said...

The tree skirt turned out beautifully! I can't wait to see the Dresdan Plate when it is done.

Great job as usual Jen!


Kristie said...

I love your tree skirt, I think it turned out beautiful and I can't wait to see that dresden plate quilted. You are sooooooo talented.

Carol Van Rooy said...

My mom would die for that quilt. Yellow is her utmost favorite colour.

Hazel said...

Your skirt is perfectly wonderfully and I rally like the Dresden Plate there's just something about those old patterns that draws me to them .

Michelle said...

Your tree skirt looks wonderful, Jen! I'm sure your dresden plate will too!

Nancy said...

The tree skirt sure looks round to me! And I love the sunflowers - and the 9-patch cornerstones.