Monday, January 28, 2008

Tree Skirt

The only sitting I did today was to put the binding on my tree skirt. It ought to be interesting going to work tomorrow...I mean how long am I going to be able go sit before I get crabby from being in pain? But, I'll give it a shot. Mike's offered to drive me to work and pick me up if need be. We're supposed to have some nasty weather tomorrow.

Ok, so back to my tree skirt. My friend KSH told me that I should try her method of "Bias Light." She cuts binding from the length instead of the width when she has curves other than scallops. It worked REALLY well. The only place it's not completely flat is in the very center and that could just be because I was having a hard time manipulating the center to begin with. However, the center will be up around the tree anyway so no one will ever notice that. I'm sure by the time I get a few tree skirts under my belt I'll be a bit better at the center.

It feels good to have another thing marked off my list!

9 Degree Tree Skirt

I can't believe the end of January is almost here. I still have quite a few things on my Finish it Up list. I believe I'm going to keep Finishing it Up while starting in on my February goals. I'm going to keep with the not starting of anything new until that list is done or until I just can't take it anymore!


Moneik said...

The tree skirt looks awesome. Great job on it and ingenious way of doing binding the other way.

Michelle said...

As with everything you do, I LOVE it! You are an if I could just find the energy and MOTIVATION!

jillquilts said...

It looks great! I will be FIU into Febrauary, too. But, I have 2 retreats for the month so I should be able to make a good dent into my list in February, too.

Hope you feel better today and work isn't that rough for you!

Kristie said...

Great Job on the tree skirt. I think it looks great!!

Connie said...

It turned out great! I hope you start to feel MUCH better soon!! Have you tried alternating heat and cold on it? It sounds like a baaad fall for sure. You hang in there!

Anonymous said...

That came out great! I hope you are having an ok day at work and the pain isn't too bad.
Deb (vtquilter)

Beth said...

Oh I love the tree skirt! Don't you love crossing something off your list? I hope you are feeling better fun being stuck at home- unless you WANT to be!