Saturday, February 16, 2008

Block of the Month at Bits & Pieces

This morning Mom and I went to our Block of the Month at Bits and Pieces. We were supposed to be starting our new quilt but the patterns haven't come into the shop yet so we'll start next month instead. So, we hung out at the shop. I took my little machine along and my rulers and such so I could make my last block and then cut up my finishing kit.

My last block turned out rather nicely. It will be dead center in the quilt.

Moda-U BOM #13

For the finishing kit, there's 12 square in a square blocks and 12 flying geese blocks. I got them cut, the lines drawn for sewing and pinned. Then I just packed up and hung out. We had SUCH a great time. Kelly was in just a hilarious mood, we laughed non stop for almost 4 hours.

I decided to pick up the Happy Hour book by Atkinson Designs that Moneik was talking about earlier in the week. I can't wait to make a few of these patterns.

Mike went to the vet to pick up Murphy's food and my mom was feeling guilty that he had to do that for her. As a joke I just said, "He doesn't mind, at this point he's just happy that you're not coming to live with us (Regarding the three mini strokes that they originally thought she had had). Seriously, I've never laughed so hard!

When we left we were going to stop at Jo-Ann's because it's been a while since we've been in there. The parking lot was completely packed, we couldn't even find a spot in the lot so we left. We headed over to Patched Works so that I could pick up the March/April issue of Quilter's Home. Then it was time for lunch so I asked my mom what she wanted. Her standard weekend response is, "I don't know" which is actually similar to my typical response about food; you can tell we're related. To get an answer I told her we were going to Noodles and Company which she's really not fond of. She needed to get new ink cartridges for her printer so we were going to hit Walmart. Again, the parking lot was packed and there was not a spot to be found so we took off. What was everyone doing out? Freaking out about the storm that we may or may not get tomorrow?

When I got home I made my first pass through Quilter's Home. I immediately flipped through to find Moneik's comment and there it was on page 7. I thought the article on Miss Pronunciation was fun. Too bad they didn't list Gingham which seems to get mispronounced more often than not! I really enjoyed the article, "Is it time to divorce your guild?" I don't belong to a guild but I am a part of a few Yahoo groups and there are times you just have to say enough is enough and unsubscribe. The Spring Arrivals; more fabric is always fun to look at. I already have a few of those pieces in my stash. The Rosie the Quilter line by Andover I already own a few pieces of....AND a sweatshirt. I LOVE Rosie!!! I really, really love the Bahama Breeze pattern on page 84. It really looks like something that I would enjoy making. Sigh, just another project to thow on my pile!!

Mike, my mom and I went out for dinner and when we got back I started working on my square in a square blocks so I could begin assembling my quilt.

Square in a Square

Flying Geese

Of course, we were laughing so hard while we were at Bits & Pieces earlier that I miscut some of my sage squares. I decided to piece the remaining ones together and guess what, you can barely tell AND, once it gets in the quilt and it's quilted no one will see it unless I point it out!! My pencil is pointing to my seam.

What happens when you don't pay attention!!

Mike also assembled my new carriage for on my Gracie Frame today. I can't wait to try it out but I have to finish something up first. If I can get my Moda-U quilt done, otherwise on Tuesday Moneik's quilt tops will arrive and I can get those quilted. It already seems so much smoother of a ride!!


Kristie said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!! I'm loving those blocks! I see paisley!!!

Michele said...

I agree - it'll be hard for YOU to find that seam once it's quilted.

Lovely colors.

Moneik said...

You'll really enjoy that Happy Hour. It's one book I really debated getting, but love it! I can't wait till my quilts get to you. I'm so excited!

Maureen said...

Wow I really love the middle square...the colors are soooo rich. I agree with you and Michelle, once the quilt is quilted you will never see those extra seams!

I'm glad you had fun with at the BOM. I am looking forward to joining that one next month. YEAH!