Friday, February 22, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

I'm quickly posting this before I get thrown off the internet!!

As if it's not bad enough to have internet problems, I also have MP3 problems. A few years ago when I started out with an MP3 player, I bought a god awful Phillips Player. It was a nightmare of an experience, I could never get it to work quite right with my computer. In the end we gave up and Mike and I each got Dell DJ's; I picked up a 5GB and Mike picked up a 20GB. They were fabulous. Mike and I both LOVED them. Unfortunately they were unable to compete with iPod's so Dell stopped making them. Mike's model sold far more players so Dell has kept up with the bios files. Mine wasn't so lucky. When MusicMatch player got absorbed by Yahoo Music, Mike's was compatible, mine was not. I could no longer add or remove music. When I got my laptop, my laptop is Vista instead of XP and that surely isn't compatible. I also have a smaller 512MB Dell Ditty that I use specifically for downloading audio books from the library. I LOVE listening to music. I've been really sad that I can't add or remove music to my player. I've been stuck in time so it was time to start checking out my options.

We've been buying music all along through Napster so Mike and I were reluctant to switch over to Ipod. But now, since I've had two bad MP3 player experiences, I wanted to make sure I went with a brand that was going to keep being supported. I went with a pink 8GB iPod Nano. Of course, now I have to burn all of my purchased music to cd's and then rip them back into iTunes. I'll have to come up with a system for doing this.'s going to take a while.
While we were at Circuit City we also made an appointment with FireDog for Monday. It will be worth it for them to come and install our wireless internet. I just can't take the frustration of it. This is the first time I'm ever admitting defeat on a computer application.
At 11:00PM my mom and I went to the Air Port to pick up my Aunt Karen. She's staying with my Grandma for the week since my Aunt Kitty is going on vacation. This next week we'll be busy, she wants to make aprons and we're going to pick out fabric for an art piece that she wants to hang above her fireplace. She also started talking about maybe a quilt for her guest room. We'll see what we can all get accomplished this week!!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Sony makes a Walkman mp3 player and both of my kids have one. They've had them for over a year and no problems at all yet. All music has been "convertible" to their players and they also have a radio in them. That's all the info I know of. I did buy them online and got a great price for both of them. I think I got them on Tiger ... good luck....
Regina in MI

Hazel said...

That explains why my email to you bounced .It took about 4 hours to make the Miranda bag ,don't be concerned you'll do fine with your class .Good Luck

Carol Van Rooy said...

Ok, perhaps I'm really cheap, but John has downloaded all his music for free off the site I use to play the music on my blog. Should you be interested click on over to my blog and create playlist. All you then need to do is download it to your player. If John figured this out, it oughtn't be that hard, I suppose.

If you need help let us know.

Moneik said...

Hope you enjoy your new IPOD. I love my MP3 player, if I figure out everything it will do.