Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Screaming it from the Rooftops...

My friend Vera did an awesome job at Dwirling on a quilt she just did for a customer. You've simply GOT to go see it!!!! (Click on her Name) It's freaking AWESOME looking!! Thank you Pajama Quilter for teaching us these wonderful techniques!! I'm going to call myself a groupie. I wish you had a blog or a yahoo group because I'd join for sure!!

I forgot yesterday that I wanted to mention a goofy Newspaper Insert that I found on the kitchen table in our lunch room at work. I grabbed it just so I could blog about it. Here's exactly what it said (Minus the phone number & company name):

Attention: Sewing Machine Owners
$14.95 Special
I have been repairing sewing machines for
30 years and am well qualified to repair any
make or model sewing machine.
I will be in your neighborhood this week
and because of this I will stop by and clean,
oil, and adjust your machine for only $14.95
Call (414) xxx-xxxx
TODAY for this offer.
This is a regular $39.95 value.
XYZ Sewing Machine Service

Ummm, is anyone besides me laughing hysterically? Ok, if you're local - it's not any place that I've ever heard of. It is listed...but that address...well I think it's actually a Midas Muffler Shop. If only it were a legit business, the 24 hours a day thing could save a lot of stressed last minute Christmas sewers. But honestly, come to your house? I don't know, something about this whole thing just doesn't seem quite right for $14.95. Sure, we have repair men come in to fix large appliances but do they even come 24 hours a day unless it's an extreme emergency like a furnace in -30 degree weather? If you had a really large long arm I can see a house call but do you really trust $14.95 worth of work??

Maybe this is a legit company but the way the ad is's not something I'd call about, that's for sure!! If the company is "supposedly" local to begin with, why use the ruse of "I'll be in your neighborhood this week."

I guess I'm too loyal to Frank's Sewing Center to take this any too seriously but it reallllllly made me laugh!!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I certainly wouldn't trust that ad. Should we start a PJ fan club? Wanna be President? I'll be ... a fan. She really makes ya relax about the whole thing and I think that's a big deal. I really am having a blast with that dvd...

Michelle said...

I just Gotta see that dvd!!!

Moneik said...

I would never in my wildest dreams take my machine to that guy. I mean I know $60 sounds like a lot once a year, but at least I trust the dealer to be around when I go back to pick up the machine and that the work will be done correctly. I am all for cheap, but I guess if I'm willing to put out almost twice that much for a PJ quilter DVD, I'll spend more and have mine cleaned by someone I trust! I'll be a PJ groupie by the end of the week. Count me in.

Hazel said...

If he is legit can you send him my way ,I'm tired of paying 120.00 for the same thing .Could it be he is a retired genteman just looking for something to keep busy ?

Anonymous said...

I also pay $60. to have my machine cleaned at the quilt shop where I purchased it. I would never trust that guy - the fishy thing is to call 24 hours a day.
The quilting is spectacular - love, it.

Vera said...

Thank you Jen for the nice comment and post about my dwirling, that was nice of you to do.
As for the sewing machine repair guy, I have a man that comes to my house to service mine but it's not 14.95, It's around 65.00 but he does a good job, he takes it out to his van, he has a little shop set up in it and he also sharpens scissors. Oh and not 24 hours a day, that does seem kind of strange.

pudge's girl said...

okay, you have my interest peaked about Vera's quilting but the link is not working. Any other way to get there?