Monday, February 18, 2008


What does one do with a 66" Square Quilt (Moda U Sampler) once it's quilted? It's too big to be a wallhanging on one of my walls, it's too small to play nice on the couch since I've got to have longer quilts so I don't have to fight as much with the dog. I'd make it into a shower curtain but I'm thinking...that would be one heavy shower curtain. Then I was thinking, I could make it into a curtain for my closet in my sewing room. Mike took out the sliding doors because I lose my balance a LOT and one day while I was quilting on my frame I lost my balance and fell into the doors, popping them off the track. Now the track will need to be replaced but since I continue to fall into them we decided it was better to remove them. I figured I could make a curtain since the only things in my closet are quilting related. Would this quilt be to heavy for that? I was thinking more like two pieces so that they could be pulled back like curtains when I'm going in and out. This is one piece. Sigh. Ideas? Giving it away is OUT because I LOVE it. So don't even suggest that!!

Why does my husband admit that he won't fart in his new truck because he doesn't want it to smell but is more than happy to fart on our new mattress? Anyone want to touch this statement? Sure, I could have said "pass gas" to be nice but I needed to give it more punch.

I pulled out the electric knife tonight to cut pieces off our old memory foam mattress topper. You should have seen the look on Mike's face. Why aren't you just using the scisssors? Huh, apparantly he's never seen it done. It would have never occured to me to just bring out the scissors for foam!! Whiz Bang and I was done. I cut two pieces, the rest will go to my Mom for Murphy. She now has a 4 inch mattress in her kennel. I pulled out my fleece remnants and basically just sewed enough together until I had a large enough pouch to insert the memory foam in. She also had a cheapie bed that hangs out in the living room. She moves it around a lot on her own which is a hazard to Mike and I. It's just filled with fiberfill so if you step on it in the middle of the night you go sliding. I pulled that out, inserted a 4 inch wedge of memory foam. Then in the center of that since it was doubled over I put bits and pieces of fleece to make it lumpy for her. She seems to like both so far. Eventually I'll make her a pretty cover. I'm actually just thinking of fleece and tie the edges. I HATE the ugly cover that is on right now. Then it can be cut off and tossed if necessary.

I was going to sew tonight but that notion left me while Mike was in the sewing room playing online poker so I sat on my arse browsing through quilting magazines instead.


Suzan said...

Sorry I missed this earlier...a closet curtain sounds like a good idea. Having it in your sewing space would be perfect.

Regarding Mike's "safe zone" in the truck and your bed being fair game...he is a man, after all. This is just the way their brains are hardwired!

CatQuilter said...

How about using it as a table cloth? I've seen some very pretty ideas with round tables and quilts.

Beth said...

do you have room for a quilt ladder? I will see if I still have the picture of one of mine. I bought one for the family room..and the PROMPTLY leaned it in the sewing room for cut strips waiting to be sewn...If the quilt was on a could see it and use it if you wanted to...but its out of the way...

Moneik said...

I think a quilt rack would be a great way to display it. That's where my moms is at since it's really too small to cover up with. Men are just that way about farting. Paul would do the exact same way.

Kristie said...

I like all of the ideas for the quilt...a curtain, a tablecloth, or hang on a ladder. I have an old antique ladder in my outbuilding that I will use when we get in the house!

I had to laugh about Mike! I know he does, but as long as I have known Richard I have never heard him do that!!! He is so weird about doing things like that around my boys...that is a different story!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I think that your curtain idea is great.. the quilt ladder too..

Now as far as the mike thing.. I can only compare him to my brothers and dad 2 of my brothers and my dad would announce it to the world, my other 2 brothers are more like Kristie's Richard


Cindy said...

That is just TOO funny! I hope it was an old mattress!

kt said...

since DH and I have been looking at houses for the past few months, I've seen quite a few decorating ideas. one was to use curtains as closet doors. it gives a bit more space than normal doors would (especially track doors). I say you go with that. I know when we finally find a house, that'll be utilized throughout (or as much as DH will let me).

as far as boys go... if it's a new truck... it'll be sacred for a while and then, he'll christen it. or maybe he already has and just wants you to believe otherwise. :) mattresses are totally fair game! ha ha!