Thursday, March 13, 2008


Huh, I think KT said it best:

Man. that's it. you're done. Once you get the EQ6 upgrade... we'll never hear
from you again. This was, essentially, your last post. lol. Just warning you -
it is addictive (once you know what the heck you're doing of course)!

I AM addicted. So addicted that I'm still in lesson 1. I had big quilting plans tonight and yet, I got as far as EQ.

I take that back...I decided to be productive in organizing my thread. I decided a spreadsheet was in order so I'd actually know what I had when I thread shopped. I've come to the conclusion that I'm a thread whore and I need to buy no more unless it's project specific.


Moneik said...

Oh wow, you too? I'm definately a thread whore. I'm very particular about what I use and I have a lot. I guess it just comes from having a mother who worked in a store that sells thread.
I sure hope EQ doesn't take you away from blogging, I'll have to come rob it so you can write more blogs.

Michelle said...

I think there is a support group for thread addicted people. I learned about that group from the 'Goodwill addicts' group and my 'fabric from Goodwill addicts' support group, but all I learned from them, is:

1. You only live once. As long as you are not hurting anyone else, or yourself, it's ok.
2. If you are buying it to make you, or someone else happy, it's ok.
3. If you are buying it from money you earned yourself, and you are being responsible in other areas of your life, it's ok.
4. It's better to spend money on fabric, Goodwill 'stuff', and pampering yourself, than for products that are addictive, or HURT YOU.

So that being said:
Let up on yourself, have fun, keep doing what you are doing, and quit feeling Guilty. If it feels right, do it.

As long as Mike doesn't have a problem with it, what's YOUR problem?

We love you Jen!

Carol Van Rooy said...

Pimp my thread... HEHEHE

Hazel said...

Your a what ??? I just about joked on my own teeth when I seen that .LoL What would we do with out lovable Jen to keep us smiling .Now ,find a better name for yourself young lady LoL .Just kidding of course ,I love your humor .

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Your too funny!! I have been talking to everyone and can only guess what I am going to have to wade through when I get home.. Last time I was deployed I saved all sorts of money and bought things like cameras and a stereo for my truck .. you know the expensive stuff.. Now moms going to have to deal with boxes of fabric and thread.. LOL


Debi said...

I need to upgrade to EQ6 as well. Let me know how easy the upgrade is to learn.

LindaSue said...

Jen I just read your post to Quilting is my Passion. Yes, I am the lady she mailed the scraps too. I would love to have your scraps if you would like to send them to me. I am from Chicago. We were almost neighbor's. I still have family there and will be up the end of next month is the gas prices don't climb thru the roof. I offered Patti and I offer to pay postage to you too. I bought some material last month and a little this month, but it takes so long to get scraps from what little I bought. You would make me very happy and busy to receive your scraps. You can email me offline if you would like.

Gina said...

Yes Eq6 is addictive. I can't spend half the time I would like to on it, but I'm getting there

Love your Daffs. It just goes to show that a little goodness does go round until it comes back to you

love and hugs xxx

susanm said...

Love your quilts. wow you are one busy quilter. wow.

Sandra said...

I bought EQ6 I have not got far in learning it. I need more time.Let me know all the secrets.

Carol Van Rooy said...

Ypu've been tagged, check out my blog.