Monday, March 24, 2008

Fabric Coiled Bowls

I took a class tonight at Frank's Sewing Center on Fabric Coiled Bowls with Wendy Rieves. Mom had wanted to take this class for some time now and I just kind of went along for the heck of it...and now I'm hooked.
Once you get started, it's a nice mindless project with quick results. I already have decided that I need a giant one for in my sewing room so that Holly can have a toybox in the upstairs of our Townhouse. Or, maybe a small one that I can put extra hand towels in to put on the 1/2 bath counter? I can use the leftover strips from my purple, lime & black wallhanging.

You can't tell much from my picture, but my bottom is maybe 8 inches across and I've started coming up to make the sides of the bowl. Not sure how big I'll make this one. The base is clothesline and you wrap fabric strips around and zig zag as you go.

Top View
Bowl top view

Bottom View

Bowl Bottom View

I left my machine there for a tune up and cleaning. There really wasn't anything wrong with it but I'm sure I knocked some things out of alignment when I sewed through my finger. Bottom line is I wanted to make sure it's in top form for when I go to my Quilting Retreat in Ohio, middle of next month. I should be ok without it this week. I won't be able to sew again until Thursday and by then I should be able to run and pick it up after work!


Barb said...

A friend of mine taught these over in Tampa and she showed me how to do them and I am hooked! Once I get a spare moment I plan on making some of these for my Christmas box. Did you get the book on these? I love the purses in there!

Moneik said...

The Bernina rep Kerry was showing these the last time she was at the store, only she was making purses. I don't know that I would want a purse, but I bet a bowl would be really useful and decorative. Hmmm, maybe a bowl for the cards instead of a basket???

Floss said...

What a neat idea, looks like its fun to make.

Carla said...

You made THAT last night?????

Kristie said...

I love these bowls! I have the pattern, clothesline, and fabric strips all in a bag, somewhere! I got the big idea a few years ago that I was going to make some for Christmas gifts but needless to say they didn't get made.

Michelle said...

Very cool, Jen!

You know, when you got the size you wanted, you could just stop, with it being flat, and make chair cushions for your wooden chairs, or hot pads for your counters to put pots on. Or Frisbee's! (just kidding!) You could also make them oblong, and make little rugs for your steps, for those who have wooden steps. The possibilities are endless!

Hazel said...

What a cool idea I love the one on the book cover .

Suzan said...

I LOVE making those bowls/baskets/whatever! And you are so correct...totally mindless sewing.

jillquilts said...

Very neat-o! And I can't believe that the quilt retreat is in 3 weeks! Can you stand it?