Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I'm not really a big fan of Easter Celebrations and after our last few crummy holidays this one was just right. Mom and I hung out.

Mom ran over to my Uncle's house and decided to leave Murphy out of his Kennel as a treat for Easter. By the time Holly and I got to Mom's he had consumed half of a bag of marshmallows, 1/4 of a coffee cake, 1/4 loaf of bread and about 5 cups of Holly's dog food. His little diabetic body will be paying for that in the days to come. So, the kids didn't get to have their Milk Bone Hunt.

I did a little sewing. I made my apron. It's reversible:



It went together pretty quickly. Quick enough to be able to have a few different colors, holidays and styles to wear.

Tomorrow night Mom and I are going to Frank's for a class. I think I'll leave my machine for a cleaning and tune up since I don't have time to sew again until Thursday. The good thing is, there's nothing wrong with it, I just want it to have a once over before I go on my quilt retreat next month. I can't believe it's now only ONE month away!!


Bella said...

That is just cutie-patootie! I need to quit reading your blog and go make something. BYE!

Moneik said...

That's a cute apron! Great job on making it so adorable.

Michelle said...

Now all you need is those high heeled crocks! Cute apron!

Carol Van Rooy said...

That apron rocks.

Michelle said...

Poor Murphy! Well, if you would have left marshmallows in my sight, I would have eaten half a bag too! Can't blame the poor pup! I probably would have eaten the whole bag! And coffee cake? Yummmmm!!!! I could have probably left the bread alone, and I definately would have left the dog food alone, but since I know where your mom's chocolate stash is now, her house is NOT safe from me! Better find a new place for the chocolate!

I do hope Murphy didn't get sick. He is such a sweet fur-baby!

Kristie said...

I sure hope the Murphy is okay! I love your apron! I have a small collection of vintage aprons and love them. I made mom an apron to use on the boat, but I sure need to make one for sewing purposes. They would be so handy. I saw on another blog were she made one for scissors and cutters, etc, while she was sewing too. Wonderful idea!

jillquilts said...

A milk bone hunt? Sounds like something my pups would like!