Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy National Quilting Day!!

It's too bad I didn't get to sew...

The day started off with Holly going to the vet for her yearly shots and check up. We didn't get a call back so I'm guessing her blood work passed with flying colors. We're looking into changing her food because we've cut her food back 25% and her treats back 75% and her weight isn't budging. She's not going up but she's not coming down like she should either. She's 8 so it's time to move her to a senior food. Gack, I can't believe my baby is a senior!

Mike and I dropped Holly off, had lunch and then went to check out a Townhouse that we were looking at renting. We came, we saw, we were told about a unit they're rehab-ing and we signed. There will be all new floors - linoleum, carpeting, new appliances, etc. I even have my address already! We can move in May 15th and we need to be out of our old apartment by June 1st. I'm already freaking out about the amount of packing. I think I'll be getting started shortly. We're going to put our kitchen table into our storage unit for now, which will give us plenty of room in our dining area to stack boxes. Mike is out of town the first weekend we can move so hopefully between my mom and I we can get my sewing room moved and set up as well as the kitchen. The kitchen is always a big job.

Our new townhouse is maybe 2 miles from the old place and only 2 miles from my Mom. We decided that we're going to nix our land line and just stick with our cell phones. We're moving into a different county so we'd have a different area code and need to change numbers. Might as well stop paying for something that we're not using anyway.

Next up, Mom and I went to the West Suburban Quilter's Guild show, "A Symphony of Quilts." It was a nice show. You can see the pictures blow. Granted, I haven't had a chance to rotate them or crop them yet so you'll all just have to deal. I'll get to it at some point this week. There's also a few pictures that don't even belong in that album, I just haven't had a moment to move them out of there yet.

Next we went to visit my Grandma in the hospital. They keep bouncing back and forth on whether she has Pneumonia or Bronchitis. One minute we're wearing masks, the next minute we're not. By the time we got home it was after nine and I was beat. I was supposed to go to my Mom's but I just didn't have it in me.


Deb (vtquilter) said...

Jen, glad you got the new place. Once you are all settled in, I think you will be really happy with your choice. Oh, if you have a high speed connection to the internet... you could always get your phone though Vonage, that way you can keep your number. I kept mine over the last 3 years through 2 moves.. you just change your 911 address on the site. Just another option for you.

Moneik said...

Oh I'm so excited for you to be moving! What a fun new experience and hopefully more room for your sewing room. Good luck with the move. So glad to hear you got to go to the quilt show.

Karen said...

Too bad you didn't go the quilt show on Friday night. They had two women who were guest lecturers. They brought a wonderful trunk show and had hats that matched the quilts. It was really something! Good luck with the move. Sounds like you will be much happier there.

Regina said...

Woo Hoo on the move.
I made a 1 mile move once -over the course of a week - I used a bunch of milk crates and would fill them with kitchen or other stuff - fill up the car as much as I could -and then unload them and get them settled and come back with the empties. Then I would pack them up until the next night.

I kept only the essentials for us for eating -just washed them every meal - and the rest went.

It went pretty smoothly - hope yours is as well!