Monday, March 17, 2008

*&#$% I sewed my finger

I was at my Mom's tonight with Holly. Mom was at the hospital spending time with my Grandma so Holly and I headed over to sit with Murphy because he's been alone so much lately. Since he's Irish, we couldn't let him be alone on St. Pattie's Day.

Ok yeah, that had nothing to do with it. Sure I didn't want him to be alone again but my machine was over at Mom's and it might as well stay there the week because Michelle and Louie are coming up for the weekend so most likely we'll do some sewing. Might as well just leave the machine down two flights of stairs.

I was happily working away on my secret pink and chocolate project when I went to switch sewing machine feet. Murphy decided it was time to romp and spar with Holly and the two were wrestling...RIGHT ONTO THE FOOT PEDAL.

The $(%*#&% Titanium 90/14 Top-stitch needle went into the nail of my right pointer finger, clear through to the other side. I could SEE the needle from the bottom.

For those of you with the Janome 6600. You know that E5 error that you get from time to time? The one where it sounds like a Tommy Gun and and the needle ever so slightly freaks out going slightly from side to side? DID THAT WITH MY FINGER ATTACHED.

Now, I'm not good with blood or trauma. I was ALONE. My finger was stuck. My cell phone was to the left of my machine so I dialed my husband. HE TOLD ME HE'D CALL ME BACK. He was on the phone with a buddy and answered accidentally because he was trying to look something up in phone while talking on it. Now, I do realize he didn't know that to me, this was an emergency finger is STUCK with a needle going through it. Obviously he didn't realize I was still stuck. So I hit 'needle up' hoping it would be quick and painless. was jammed, remember? Now it was my right hand stuck so I had to reach my left around the machine to turn the wheel and raise the needle...only it didn't go up far enough. HOW is that even possible?? I had to twist my finger and it just wasn't pretty. Thankfully it didn't start bleeding until the needle was all the way out of it.

My needle was bent. My luck I've knocked the contraption that the needle goes into out of kilter. Nothing like GIVING Brad something more to make fun of me for when my machine goes in for service!!

I call my mom who is at the hospital and obviously not able to help because I'm in a panic. I had to find neosporin and band-aids. I get a band aid on and in walks Mike. He got off the phone and WALKED over. Stopping to GET THE MAIL on his way. Sigh.

Before anyone says it, yes I had a tetanus shot last spring.

It throbs!!! Of course it's one of my main typing fingers too. =(

But, I did perservere and I think I'm about halfway done with my project. I hope to go there and work on it again tonight!!

Oh and look at that...this is my 600th Post and all I've done was share the grim details of my poor little pointer finger!!


Hazel said...

That sounds so painful ,never mind the anxiety of trying to get it out .I guess we all need a reality check to remember this is a machine and safety should always be a concern .Hope it feels better today .Oh did you kill Mike for not coming over right away LOL poor fellow .

Moneik said...

OMG! That must have been so painful! I've come close to that, but never all the way through. Sorry to hear Mike didn't get there faster. You were probably in a state of shock and he didn't realize the seriousness of it. Hope you finger heals and you'll be back at the machine tonight.

Bethany said...

Did Mike at least kiss your finger to make it better?

I put the needle through my index finger last week, but the needle broke when it went through. My finger has healed faster than I thought it would, but it throbbed for a few days.

HUGS as I know it hurts.

Amelia said...

that was horrible. I know your finger will be sore for several days. all of us need to be more careful when sewing. Hopefully the machine will work properly.

amelia ~ in Oklahoma

Regina said...

OWWW - as if just getting stuck were not bad enough - you had all the other drama to go along with it.

Can't wait to see this finished project - hope it is worth all the challenges!

CatQuilter said...

Since when was quilting a hazardous sport? Poor Jen!!! Just reading about it made me wince! Take care of that wound!


Michelle said...

Well, you do have my sympathies, but on a lighter note, if you had taped this episode, you could have sent it to America's Funniest home videos, and maybe won $10,000! I'm glad you are ok, even though your pride is injured, and possibly you Janome. I hope it's ok, and you can laugh about this soon. Love, Michelle

Christine said...

Oh Man, that had to HURT! But I was rolling on the floor by the time he stopped and got the mail. LOL.

ursula said...

OMG! You poor thing! I hope it heals quickly and donesn't hurt too too much. Man, I shudder at the thought of it, especially the needle shudder... :<

Valerie said...

Oh my gosh, OUCH! I hope you're finger feels better! :(

I have never sewn my finger myself (though I've come close), I witnessed my Mother sew hers. No fun, not at all. :(

Maureen said...

OMG...OUCH! I did that to my finger with a different machine and I screamed so Mark came downstairs to find out what was wrong. I hope your finger is better!

Congrats on your 600th post!


Morah said...

Oh you poor bubbilla!!I can't even imagine that gatling gun sound happening because my finger set off the machine! OWWEEE!!! Well, we could look at the half full had something to say for your 600th post!

Kim said...

Ooh ouch indeed! I sewed through my finger once - cause you only do this once - the needle broke off in my finger. I'm not as brave as you are, the doc had to dig it out of there for me... It hurt, it was ugly and I'm still needle shy! Your finger must hurt like crazy. It's not much different than shooting a nail through with a nail gun! DH should buy you a Juki so this never happens again. I've heard that they sew so fast that your finger would be left with thread stitched through it as it moves right along. Heehehee

Connie said...

Oh my lord--I got shivers reading that!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had a couple of close calls where my finger tip flirted with disaster on my 6600, but thankfully I haven't done that yet!!! Hope it is going to heal fast! (And the purse is GORGEOUS by the way!!!!)

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Ouch! Thank goodness the needle didn't splinter. Glad Mike finally got there... and since you were able to type it I know you are not in jail for killing him! I didn't see any blood on the purse or anything and it looks great!

creativedawn said...

Ohhhhh..... I am happy that you are okay! My 19 yo daughter ran the needle into her nail not all the way through as you did! Scary...she was alone at home as well. She said she called out for me but remembered I was not home and then she says she calmly lifted the needle out of her nail, ran it under cold water, bandaged it and went back to sewing. You ladies have to be more careful. I guess with the furpeople, if you have the automatic button you may want to use it... anyhoo, happy sewing and I wish you a speedy recovery! Oh Yeah! That's Askew Miranda and WW is ALL THAT AND TEN TEA kids say this!!! I really like that!