Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm ready to be done with SNOW

We've offically got the #2 spot for Snowiest Winter in Milwaukee. We'd need another 14.4 inches to take the number one spot. You know, I think Milwaukee is ok with being number 2 this year.

Amidst all this, Michelle and Louie did make it in from Iowa!! Talk about Brave!! Unfortunately, everything we wanted to do was slow going or CLOSED!!!

Let's back track...I left work at Noon. By 12:20 I was STUCK in a snowbank at the end of my driveway. I'll be SOOOOOO happy to move off of this hill!!! Mike was at his buddies house watching basketball games and he had to come home to free me. I was headed up my hill, not even 2-1/2 feet from the turn to my garage when this jerk who was stuck in the snow decided to not wait the 20 seconds that it was going to take me to turn and threw his car into reverse and started coming down the hill at me. I had to back all the way down the hill and when I finally got to where I could turn around to give it another shot, I spun into a snowbank. Mike got me out of there and turned back around. Then he had to shovel me out of the other side of the street so that I could get started back up the hill. I made the turn...and then I got stuck AGAIN.

By the time I was free, both of us were soaked. Then I had to make it to my Mom's apartment. There is no direct route. You either have to walk down my hill, along the street for a 1/2 block and then up her hill or you have to go cross country where there are no sidewalks. Really, in all the snow did it matter? I decided across was safer than down one hill and up another. Now, I had no idea when I'd get back home again so I had my purse, a backpack with a sewing project and a bag of Holly's food, my laptop bag with the strap across my body, a hat pulled down to my eyebrows and I was using an ice chopper as a walking stick. Oh yeah, and I had my winter boots on....which are zip ups and last snow storm I managed to break the zipper on one of the boots. SIGH. So now picture this...snow is coming down so hard that I can barely see the big black dog in front of me. I felt like Pa Ingalls in a snowstorm trying to make it from the house to the barn with a rope to guide him.

When Holly and I finally made it to my mom's (I swear the walk took 20 minutes because some of the snow drifts were between knee and hip high) I was covered in snow and Holly...well she was THRILLED. Me, not so much. I was a sight. I really wish she would have snapped my picture. I walked in and Mom, Michelle and Louie all disolved into laughter at my appearance. After I warmed up and dried off we went out for lunch and hit Goodwill. I'm just not a thrift store person but being inside of one with THE Thriftstore Junkie the excitement was quite infectious. In fact, my mom found a georgeous crystal lamp for $2.99.

We then went to check them into their hotel. Michelle noted that the elevator smelled like an old Singer Sewing Machine in desparate need of a tune up which was REALLY funny the next day when the elevator was out of order!!! Did Michelle call it or what??

Now after being in the car so long we didn't realize that stores and such were closing so we tried to hit a Jo-Ann Fabrics. Yep, they were closed because of the storm. Trying to get out of there we ended up going in circles because of accidents. It was pretty early yet, but we decided if we didn't get dinner right then, we'd NEVER get back out for dinner. We sat around at my Mom's for a bit and then they decided they better make it back to their hotel and we'd start fresh on Saturday!

Mike stopped to pick me up at my Mom's on his way home. Unfortunately when we got to our apartment we found that they decided since he wasn't home, they'd put all of the snow in his parking spot.


NICE huh? With the amount of snow, 4 wheel drive on his big truck and the fact that some idiot by my mom's apartment parked illegally on her hill there wasn't enough room for Mike to get to her extra spot to park for the night. He had to park all the way down at the office about 3 blocks away. Not the worst thing...IF THERE WOULDN'T BE TONS OF SNOW TO TROMP THROUGH!! Mike was not happy, that is for sure!


Moneik said...

Wow!! you guys really are getting the snow this year. It was warm here (60's) and I was hot with my sweatshirt on, on Friday. We have zilch for snow. Glad to hear Michelle and Louie made it amist the snow. I'm sure Mike wasn't a happy camper! I wouldn't have been either.

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Wow, that is lots of snow! I can't believe they dumped it all into Mike's spot. I'd be yelling at the management. Hope they cleared it out so he can park there. Loved your adventures through the snow, wish your Mom had snapped a picture.

Hazel said...

Oh my that is a lot of snow ,isn't it upsetting when they dump it in your parking spot,I'm sure you will have a nice chat with the management .Better yet Mike LOL .

Michelle said...

First of all, I don't know if BRAVE is the correct word for us. My husband is a bit 'crazy', but boy am I glad, because I got to see my friends! I think he loves a challenge. I asked him if we should reconsider and stay home, and he said, 'Absolutely NOT! I have pool to play!' Ok, so that was ONE reason, but he would move heaven and earth for me if he could, so we trudged on. We actually made very good time, considering the conditions.

Yes, I DID call that elevator, didn't I? I told Louie, and Jen and Cindy,it smelled like an old Singer! From that point on, I took the stairs. The next morning, I learned the elevator was 'out of order'. I told them, 'See, Mama 'nose' (knows!).