Friday, February 29, 2008

The Magic of Photo Shop

What a fun evening I had!! I sewed a scan 1/4 inch around the outside of the quilt. I figured it would help to keep distortion at a minimum since there wasn't a border to keep the quilt squared.

I was afraid of quilting "A Bit Askew" because it was all batiks and I haven't had much luck quilting batiks. I typically get a lot of skipped stitches. On my frame I've been using 100/16 Topstitch needles. Michelle uses 90/14 Topstitch needles and suggested for the batik/monofiliment thread combo that I try a 90/14 Metallic needle. She's so smart; I don't call her the Machine Whisperer for nothing!! The truth is, I'm afraid of 90/14 needles on the frame now because I've gotten so comfortable with the larger 100/16's. I get anxiety the moment I put them in. Sure enough...broke one before I even got started. With Sulky Monofiliment in the top and Bottom Line in the bottom I took off on my Dwirling adventure. I will say it was a little hard to see because of the monofiliment.

After a few rows, the phone rang. It was my mom and Aunt Karen wondering if I was quilting and if they could come over to see it in the works. AK was amazed at my set up. They left and I went on my merry way. When I was a few rows from the bottom, I noticed my tension was screwed up. I had to rip out about 4 rows of dwirling which I've got to say were no big deal because of the monofiliment.

Once I cut it off the frame I ran over to my Grandma's house; it was 11pm. They were all up, waiting to see it. Even Mike whose eyes normally glaze over when I finish a quilt remarked how cool it looked.

Quilted, w/o binding

Here's a picture of the back, it was really hard to photograph because of the lighting and the light background. In the end, the quilt measures 39 x 64 and even with all this quilting it only took 3 bobbins of Bottom Line Thread.



Then, I couldn't resist, I pulled a picture of my Aunt's fireplace that she had sent me and I photo shopped the picture onto her wall where she intends to hang it. Oh, and there's nothing in the fireplace, I had to look myself! It's a reflection of her dog laying on the carpet a few feet away.

Fireplace with quilt

Tomorrow I will put the binding and hanging sleeves on and then it will fly off to Arizona where it will be hung. =)


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Yay Jen. That looks great! Nice dwirling. I'm in love with dwirling. Those colors are amazing and the photoshop pic looks fantastic. You astound me again!

jillquilts said...

It looks great! What did AK think?

Amelia said...

Looks like a modern art painting. You would have to touch it to make sure it is cloth. You did a fabulous job. I bet your Mom, Aunt and G. Mother are so proud of you.
They should be!

Connie said...

That is SUCH a cool quilt!!!!!! You absolutely rocked on the quilting! I want it over my fireplace!

Nancy said...

Wow, that is beautiful - and the quilting you did is terrific. I can see that I need to continue on with the PJ DVD. How cool to have put it in Photoshop to give all an idea of what it will look like in the room. AK should be thrilled with it!

Kristie said...

You are just amazing!!! I love how it turned out and the quilting is beyond beautiful!! I would never have thought about doing that with the photo, such a great idea!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wow it looks wonderful


Moneik said...

What an amazing quilt. That looks great and I'm sure it will look wonderful over her fireplace. So glad to hear you got it done in time.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt looks fantastic there. Simply stunning!!