Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Maureen's Miranda

Hanging my head in shame. I just finished Maureen's Miranda. Dare I admit to the world that it was supposed to have been a Christmas Present?

I'm not sure why it kept being put off, but it did. Everytime I turned around something new came up that needed to be done right away.

I know, I know this one is very similar to the one that I made for myself that is being used as my class sample but she really lit up at the quilt show we were at in September when I said what I was buying the fabric for.

Front Cinched - Maureen's Miranda

Back - Cinched Maureens Miranda

I suppose, it's a lie about it being done. It does need the swivel hooks sewn into it yet but I realized I'm out of them so I'll have to pick up some tomorrow night!


Amelia said...

very colorful!

Moneik said...

It's very cheerful and looks amazing. I'm sure she'll be happy to have it, even if it's late. As the saying goes, better late than never!

Kristie said...

I'm sure she loves it!!! It is beautiful! You are so talented!

Sandra said...

I'm sure she will be happy and forget it was not done on time.We are all guilty of over extended ourselves.

Carla said...

Lucky Maureen!

Maureen said...

Ohh I love it! You are the best! Question...I can't tell does it have bling (i.e. jewels?)


Debi said...

Beautiful bags Jen. You did an excellent job.