Thursday, March 20, 2008

Miranda Class

Tonight was the second part of my two part Miranda Day Bag class. Linda and Beryl's bags turned out SOOOO nice and the class went really well!!

Linda is going to add some red and clear crystals to give her bag a little bling. She made her handle tabs out of red grosgrain ribbon and made the tabs longer because she wasn't happy with how short her handles were. We actually bent them quite a bit which improved them dramatically but they were still not comfortable to wear on her arm so she played with different ribbon lengths until finding the perfect one.


Both of her daughters are already fighting for her bag so during Easter break she's planning on making them each one.

Beryl's bag was a bit of a challenge for us right from the start. She had this LOVELY wine bottle fabric for the cover and the more we looked at it, the less she wanted to cut it up. After some sketches and a bit of math we found we could make the top and bottom of the cover out of one piece. She quilted it all up and we worked from there. I think it turned out quite nicely:


She got it finished as far as she could. Beryl is going to be looking for wine corks so that she can make a handle out of them. We're also talking about using a wine label for the flap. I'm going to help her and she's going to find a few different wine labels that she likes the look of. With Photo Shop we're going to take the aspects of each label that she likes and make her a completely unique wine bottle lable that we'll print out onto fabric. This bag is for her trip to France in the fall so she's got time to make it perfect!!


Moneik said...

Those bags are so cute! Great job on teaching them how to make them. I'm sure they'll be using them in style.

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Glad this class went better for you!

Hazel said...

Very nice bags ,I bet you are a hit at the quilt store from now on .Gee we'll have to make an appointment to talk to you. LOL

Kristie said...

So glad this class went better! The bags look really nice!