Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mukwonago Quilt Show

Mom and I went to the Mukwonago Quilt Show today. The quilts were lovely as always but I couldn't help feeling like there were far fewer quilts this year than in past years. I was dissapointed at that. Then again, I'm just as guilty for not getting sleeves put onto my two quilts in time. I keep saying that there's always next year but what I really should do is get sleeves on NOW so that I'm ready to go.

It also seemed like there were less vendors than other years. I'm not sure what the deal was. Mom is convinced that there was another quilt show going on at the same time somewhere but I just can't figure which one that could have been. I can't believe it but I only walked away with one very small purchase...a pattern. Hopefully I can use it for my teal oriental fabrics that I've been accumulating. Whatever possessed me to buy JUST teals is pure insanity happened and it's time to figure out how to use them!!

Here's a slideshow of the quilts that we saw. Unfortunately I'm having lots of problems getting the pictures uploaded so it might be a day or two until everything is on there right.

2008 Mukwonago Quilt Show

I will say one thing about the show that probably skewed my feelings in a negative way...there was this little kid. It's not the kids fault, let me say that right up front. This little guy had SQUEEKERS IN HIS SHOES. Every step was a squeek. It was higher pitched than a dog toy. This kids Father just thought his kid was the neatest thing. I don't know if this guy was deaf or what. He HAD to have been. It just wasn't cute AT ALL. Mom and I HAD to get out of that room and we had to come back to it later on to finish looking at the quilts. I was ready to yell, "PICK YOUR KID UP!!!"

Since Mom and I were a tad dissapointed by the quilt show we had to stop over at Patched Works. Mom wanted some fabrics to make a second attempt at making Pillows for her friend Debbie. She tried making them back in December and they just didn't come out right.


Carol Van Rooy said...

Nuts?!? Why would manufacturer's even think to build shoes like that?

At least the lgith up shoes make no noice or have no aggravation level for others.

Regina said...

oohh - i hate those shoes. They were all the rage in japan when I lived there - ugh. i am not even crazy about the ones that light up - the Munchkin has navy canvas sneakers with white rubber soles, white laces and white toes - very classic.

Kristie said...

I love quilt shows, they are having a small one here this weekend. I plan on running by for a few minutes.

Moneik said...

That would have driven me nuts. Sorry to hear it wasn't what you expected. I hate being disappointed by quilt shows, but then I over analyze them too. I had to plan my wedding around the big one here. It's the weekend we come back from out honeymoon.