Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pay it Forward

I've LOVED the idea of Pay it Forward, ever since seeing the movie. When our friends daughter was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer I did everything I could think of to help out and afterwards, that event is what got me into making quilts for Project Linus. I wanted to somehow give back for all the wonderful things that were done for them while Kaycey was going through treatments. Last spring I read on Kaycey's blog that a little boy that was undergoing treatments at the same time as Kaycey, had a relapse and was undergoing his second round of treatments. The same day, I happened to ask my boss about a silicone bracelet that he was wearing. It was the same color that I had used a few years earlier as a fundraiser for Kaycey. Turns out, his bracelet was for the same little boy and I was told that the color was "Superman blue." Giggle. Anyway, I decided to make him a quilt. He also has a twin sister so I made her a quilt as well.

Fast forward, it's now a year later and I still inquire about Jack from time to time. This morning I came into work and there was a potted Daffodil on my desk with a note thanking me again for what I had done for the family. It really warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. AND, this is a Daffodil from the American Cancer Society because March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

So here it is, my cute little Daffodil plant that is smiling at me:


Isn't it adorable??

After work Mom & I met at Patched Works. I was a woman on a mission. I needed fabric for a super secret project that I dreamt up. I know, you're all wondering just how secret and why. Well, I'll show you a picture of the fabric but I won't tell you what it's for. I just don't want my idea getting out until I'm ready to show it off. With a little luck and hard work you should be able to see it by the end of the weekend.

Pink and brown batiks

I also needed to pick up a red batik. I had made a wallhanging for my Grandma's apartment building out of the leftovers from Aunt Karen's A Bit Askew. I used it to border the wallhanging and the binding will be the same. It wouldn't have been my first choice for a border but since my Grandma has Macular Degeneration I chose it because it was bright and she'll be able to see it. When I got home, I added the border and quilted it up right away. This time I dwirled and added flowers for my echo-ing interest.



I tried a 'new to me needle.' Since I was using Monofiliment again I wanted an embroidery needle. Frank's recently got in Titanium Embroidery needles so I picked up a pack of 90/14's. It worked really well. I'll have to keep a stash of them handy.

My last, woman on a mission purchase was my Electric Quilt 6 Upgrade. Julie ordered it in for me. I used the gift card that my Aunt Karen had given me. I started going through and learning with the lessons in the book. I got halfway through Lesson 1. Slow, but I'll get the hang of it and now I can see where it could become addictive!!


kt said...

man. that's it. you're done. once you get the EQ6 upgrade... we'll never hear from you again. this was, essentially, your last post. lol. just warning you - it is addictive (once you know what the heck you're doing of course)!

Michelle said...

I love the flower. That was really nice of him to give it to you, but you earned it too! It's always SO nice to be appreciated.

I LOVE the pink and browns! I can't wait to see what you have done with it!

And, I love the little wall hanging you made for GMA. She must just think you are SO special...because YOU ARE, you know!

Ok, back to my cleaning and laundry. I am praying to God no one comes to the door, because I would have to hide.....still in my pjamma top, and my hair is sticking out and up EVERYWHERE! (Yes, I do have enough hair for that now.)

Moneik said...

Your grandma will love the wall hanging and you'll always remember why you put the bright red on there. I love the pink fabrics. Next to purple, pink is one of my favorite colors. Have a fun sewing weekend and don't let EQ take over!

jillquilts said...

Love the flowers! And the pinks! hmmmm... I wonder what those are for.... :D

Regina said...

Love the Pay it Forward -it is amazing when you do something and then see the "blossoms"...inside and out.

Amelia said...

Kindness always pays!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

What an awesome thought.. Your Daffodil will bloom for years to come to remind you of your good deed. Love your chouce in fabrics can't wait to see what the big secret is.