Monday, March 3, 2008

Quilt Frame Spreadsheet

I just went through and put all the quilts that I've quilted on my Little Gracie II frame and Michelle's Hinterberg frame into a spreadsheet, filling in as many details as I could. I even found out my count was off! Bad Me!

My spreadsheet can be viewed here: FRAME QUILTING SPREADSHEET and I also have it listed in my blurb under my profile.

I've learned a lot in these 30 quilts. I know you can go take a look, but what's all in my spreadsheet?
  • Date
  • Quilt Name
  • Size
  • Who it was for
  • Who the top was made by
  • Top Thread
  • Bobbin Thread
  • Number of Bobbins Used
  • Needle Size & Type
  • Batting
  • Techniques Used
  • Which Machine was Used
  • General Comments on the experience, what I've learned

I think keeping a spreadsheet like this for my frame will help me learn from past mistakes. There are some fields that were left blank and probably not as many comments as I could have had if I would have started this in the beginning. This will help me in deciding which threads, needles, battings to use in the future and hopefully save me a lot of stress!! I'm thinking in the future, maybe I should add a column regarding thread tension so that I have a starting number each time I put a combination on the frame.

I urge each one of you to keep a similar log, especially if you're a frame quilter.

I forgot to mention but when I did the Dwirling on my Aunt's quilt, that was the first opportunity I had to try my new "No-Flex" carriage on my Little Gracie. It moves SOOOOO smoothly. I have such great control. I'd almost like to draw out a dresden plate to see if I can do the petals easier and more smoothly than my last try. I did have a hard time at first getting used to the handles being soo close to the middle bar but after about 15 minutes I didn't notice it anymore.


Moneik said...

I love the spreadsheet! What a great idea for keeping track of your projects. I'm going to have to try the metallic needle on the batik I am going to do tonight.

Michelle said...

Oh, you are just so organized! Good job, Jen!

Carol Van Rooy said...

I wish I lived closer. I'd for sure take your class.

Debi said...

What did you add to your Little Gracie for the flex carriage? I have the Gracie Pro, is this the one you have also?