Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday Finishing Frenzy

Today my mom and I made the "rounds." First we went to Patched Works for Fat Quarter Frenzy where we bought oodles of fat quarters. I saw lots of ladies sitting on the floor sorting their fat quarters before purchasing. All I could do was laugh and think of my "vulture" from the first Fat Quarter Frenzy! I was actually able to pull 12 matching fat quarters that will be easy to find a border for to have on hand if I ever need a quick quilt for a gift. I picked up two magazines that were up at the register and birthday gifts for two friends. I swear, I'm a sucker for anything up at the register. Typically Patched Works has magazines that I snag but I'm starting to think if Julie had a "cool notion of the week" up there and it would sell like hot cakes. Sort of like how at a book store they have employee picks. Hmmm, I could be onto something!

Next we headed over to Bits & Pieces for their Leap into March sale. I picked up yardage on two pinks that I will use as border and binding on my pink, black & white quilt. I also picked up two pieces of brown/gold fabric that matches two other pieces that I already have in my stash to make into a Miranda.

We met Debbie at IHOP for lunch and then we parted company. I went home and was supposed to go right to my sewing room. Instead I hit a wall and took a nap! When I woke up I spent hours playing on the computer and ripping my audio books into iTunes. I was supposed to be holed up in my sewing room.

It was probably around 9 before I started working on my Aunt's quilt. I added fast finish triangles to all four corners and then a 20" sleeve on both the top and bottom. Now she can add a dowel to the top and bottom to keep all the corners sticking out properly. I added a 2" binding and it looks awesome all nice and tiny. I had to hand sew down the sleeve portions and I think I finally figured out a nice blind stitch.

Tada, Here she is, Miss Askew....all finished with her binding. I think the swirly brown was an excellent choice for it. It should blend nicely with her wall.

Karen's A Bit Askew

I know it's going to hang on the wall and no one is ever going to see the back, but I can't help but be proud how it turned out. Actually, I'm quite proud of this whole project. Anyway, I already felt like I covered a lot of the back up with the corners and the hanging sleeves so I didn't want to cover more up with a label so I decided to write right on the back of the quilt.

Quilt Label


Moneik said...

Great Job on your Aunt Karen's quilt. I'm sure it will look amazing over the fireplace. Sounds like you and your mom had a lot of fun shopping on Sat. I went to Strip club and got some new fabric for another Miranda, only a mini version.

Suzan said...

I LOVE this quilt!!

Vera said...

Jen , I love this quilt and those colors are perfect... geez I wish I was your Aunt Karen.

Michelle said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

Sandra said...

You did a great job.I know your Aunt was thrilled to get to take it home instead of waiting for it in the mail.

Amelia said...

Looks great...but shouldn't the year be "2008" where you signed it?

jillquilts said...

Oh, Honey! I wasn't going to point out the 2007, but since some one else did... I don't need to! :) It looks gorgeous!