Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tune Up

I picked my sewing machine up after work from Frank's. I had wanted to get it in for a nice tune up before I go on my retreat in mid-April. First Brad gave me a hard time and told me that I really need to be nicer to my machine. Giggle, guess I should have cleaned it after our bowl class...but that's sort of like cleaning before the cleaning lady comes. But no, he said the only problems were that my tension knob was pretty loose. The funny thing is, that happened a year and a half ago too so I'm supposed to keep an eye on that. My needle threader was also knocked out of whack. I suppose that happens when I'm threading needles while my machine is on the frame because I'm going at it sideways. Oh well...if a needle threader is the only thing out of whack from using my machine on my frame I'm in really good shape. HA! I guess that proves that my machine CAN be used on the frame.

I kidded Brad about if he was going to charge me extra for any DNA he might have found from my sewn finger experience. Nope, no extra charge. =) And actually, it didn't even start to bleed until I removed the needle and was a few feet away from my machine.

So, Elizabeth is all tuned up and ready for Ohio. I think just to be on the safe side I'm also going to take my little Janome Jem along. I'd hate to be so far away from home and have one of my machines get messed up and not be able to sew for the rest of the weekend.

I think it's time too to start gathering supplies and projects to take on my retreat. I can't believe it's only like 3 weeks away!!! That time is going to fly!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'm turning green with envy! So wishing I could go to that retreat, but not a chance at this stage. Glad your machine is ready, willing and more than able. Don't sew anymore fingers, you're gonna need all of them...

jillquilts said...

Oh, I am so excited!! In 3 weeks, we will be wrapping up our weekend! Now, if only I could get my house in order so that you have a comfortable space to sleep in.... :D

Moneik said...

What a great feeling to have your machine all clean and ready to go. My machine decided it didn't like me tonight, so I finally just quit.