Friday, April 25, 2008

Funky Friday

After work tonight my friend Diane and I drove by the townhouse that we're going to be moving into. I saw that the patio door was open so we decided to take a peek. Now, they are supposed to be completely re-habbing this unit. WOW, I'm scared because we're 3 weeks out and they've really done NOTHING but remove the old appliances. The people who lived there before were an older couple who couldn't really take care of themselves much less their cat. We were told that they were removing the drywall from the walls and putting in new floors...I'm not quite sure that's even happened. Then I wanted to see how the basement was set up. O-M-G did it smell like cat urine. Honestly...there could be a cat living in a wall somewhere...that's how bad it smelled. How in the heck are they going to totally get rid of all this smell and re-do the townhouse within the next three weeks? Mike's now convinced that we're going to be homeless. Mike's going to call them on Monday and demand a walk through with the apartment manager to address all of our concerns. Especially since we've already signed the lease and given out notice here.

I met my mom and my Aunt Kitty for dinner. They were celebrating being done moving my Grandma out of her apartment. Now all of her belongings are crated up in storage until she can get into her new apartment...I think that will be July or something. In the mean time she's taking a vacation to Arizona and staying with one of my Aunts.

I put my charming challenge quilt on the frame when I got home. Quilting was going well until I realized that the tension was off. Now I've got to work on ripping and even though I only quilted about one row of blocks, there's probably 10 rows of quilting. I fell asleep on the couch ripping thread out. Mike came home from the Brewer Game and woke me up.


Suzan said...

I did house flipping when I lived in Seattle. Don't panic yet. It is amazing how much can be accomplished in just a week's time so 3 weeks should be easy peazy. Now, the cat urine problem could be an issue. There is a product on the market that will take away the smell but they will have to use it on everything (including basement walls).

Kristie said...

I sure hope all goes well with the townhouse! That is one thing I was worried about with gettig a cat! I hate going in somewhere and smelling CAT! I guess because of my OCD I clean the litter box about 5 times a day! And Donkey is very clean about it, if he dumps in the litter box he starts meowing very loud to let you know to get it out! I love Donkey so much but if my house started smelling like cat pee I would have to get rid of him.

Maureen said...

I know what you are saying about the rehab of the townhouse but it's amazing how fast they can get that done. Now the cat pee smell is another thing...I wonder what they will use...I am sure there is stuff - let me know how it goes!

Sorry your tension was off on your's amazing how fast the stitches go in but how slow to pull them out. :-)


Moneik said...

I wouldn't be as worried about fixing things as the smell! I can't stand cat smell either. I am amazed at how much work Paul can get done in just a few days at a house. Good luck.