Thursday, April 17, 2008

I made it to Ohio!!

I left work today at Noon hoping to get home, get my rental car, throw everything into suitcases and hit the road by 1-1:30. Mike took a half day so that he could take me to get my rental and so we could have lunch.

We each ASSumed the rental car company was in a different spot. Where Mike thought; was no longer there. The place I thought it was, WAS the correct company but wrong location. Would you believe that it was actually in an old Taco Bell about 1 mile from our house?? I never thought Rental Car agency and Suits...SERIOUSLY?? I just would think kacki's and a polo. Their suits just made them look ridiculous. Kids in their early twenties, dressed in suits sitting in an office that was a Taco Bell and still obviously looks like the inside of a taco bell but with white walls. No over-head lighting even. They just looked ridiculous. The guy who helped us had his suit jacket buttoned but his shirt completely untucked. The back of his tie was not only showing on the front, it was wrapped around the front. The whole scene just made me giggle. I'd have a hard time dressing that professional to go to Taco Bell. Obviously then we were thinking Taco Bell so we went across the street to have Taco Bell for lunch.

Oh, I forgot to say what kind of car I have. It's a 2008 Pontiac G6 in GREY. Which is the same make/model/color as my Twin Jill's car!! It started with 1900 miles on it.

I packed up my belongings and Mike did a lot of eye rolling about what I was taking. Hey, you never know if you're going to need it. I can't help it I have large stuff!! I have a bad back, of course I want to take my office chair. Mike, do you take your sand wedge golfing even though the odds of you needing it are slim?

Mike borrowed his Brother's TomTom navigation system for me to use. The Voice over the TomTom IS a bit snippy. She'd be a lot more fun if once in a while she'd say, turn left you idiot or you are now entering the Ghetto....proceed with caution. The warning of the Ghetto would really have been nice when she tried to direct me to a part of the freeway that was closed and under construction. I ended up in a loverly ghetto in Gary, Indiana. I tried to take a few pictures while I was stopped at a light but it didn't come out too well.

(Elvis' song 'In the Ghetto' plays on the radio)


Yes Mom and Michelle, that door is LOCKED. You're saying it doesn't look too bad? Well right on the other side of this were horses and a broken wire fence and a shed that collapsed. Actually, it looked like I was in Puerto Rico after a Hurricane with the blue tarps everywhere.

If you don't count the hour + that I was stuck in traffic in Chicago it was about a 6 hour drive and it went by sooooooo quickly. I had an audio book on so I really didn't even feel the time passing. Although, I would jump every time I got to a 2 mile before having to listen to the TOM TOM because that snippy biotch would just start talking. If I'd miss something she just would NOT amuse me and repeat herself...she's no nonsense I tell you. And why might I ask is it called a TomTom when it's a woman's voice? Why not a BethBeth? And does she speak other languages? I might be able to learn a few new phrases! Or not...

I pulled into Jill's at about 10pm Ohio time which was only 9pm in my little world. Her dogs have fallen in love with me. Max tried to have a torrid love affair with my head while I was sitting on the floor and he was on the couch. I was so busy talking to Jill that I didn't even notice until she started yelling at him!!!!!

Jill greeted me with Gifties!! A Willow Tree called "Two Alike" because we're turning out to be so alike. Honestly...I've known her in person for what? A day? (Yeah I'm writing this post a day late) And we're already talking in "You know that, oh what's it called?" and the other finishes the sentence.



Michelle said...

I am so happy for you. I can feel the joy from your heart in this posting. I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time. I'm happy for Jill too! I know you both have been waiting for this weeekend for a long time.

I'm glad you made it all safe and sound. I would have been freaking out in Gary,Indiana. I am not a good 'all by myself' traveler....especially since I have no sense of direction. I travel by landmarks and in unfamiliar territory, I would be a basket case!

Have a great retreat, and think of us often, as we will be thinking of you!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'm so glad you made it there safely. I'm so worried about Ohio with the two of you on the loose! Don't forget to blog and don't forget about all of us living vicariosly (sp?) thru the two of you! Have a great time!

jillquilts said...

How funny!!!

Barb said...

Jen, my daughter Jen has a tom tom ~ oh.. jen jen and tom tom.... anyway.... hers speaks in John Cleese's voice. It's really pretty funny. Once you arrive at your destination it tells you that "I've done all I can, the rest is up to you and No, I won't help you carry your luggage in."
I have already put one on my "wish list"
You guys have a GREAT time.

Regina said...

I am smiling just reading how much you are enjoying yourself... and laughing at the Ghetto comments. Last night we took the Munchkin to Wendy's and on the way out hubby mumbled to me that he hadn't realized it was Trailer Trash night... of course the Munckin kept repeating "Trailer Trash Night" and laughing -over and over - louder and louder. We couldn't get back into the car fast enough!

I'd say "have fun" but you are both already doing that -and then some! good for you!

Moneik said...

You two sound like you're having a ton of fun! Enjoy yourselves and I can't wait to hear about all you have done.

Beth said...

Have you HEARD Beth's voice??? ROTLF I"m thinking NO WAY does she want to hear MY voice while she travels...."you need to get in the other lane, there is construction up there....did you GET in that other lane? WHY didn't you get in that other lane?!" You better pick another voice! Bethbeth will drive you NUTS! Just ask my kids and hubby~