Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miranda Class

Tonight I had another Miranda class. Sadly, Sue was my only student so it wasn't as much of a class as I'd hoped. I think I'm waving a white flag. I don't have any pictures yet of Sue's bag but It's going to turn out really sharp. She's using deer hyde for the bottom and the top is more of a geometric print in gold and purple. It's going to be really sharp when it's done.


Maureen said...

I can't wait to see Sue's sounds interesting!

Don't give up on takes time for people to sign up and take classes! I know you're a great teacher because fo things you have taught me!


Moneik said...

Don't give up, every teacher has to make a name for herself. Good luck in the future. Maybe at PW now?

quiltin cntrygrl said...

DOn't give up one day I want to say that I took a class from Jen