Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ohio Quilt Shop Hopping

Today we started out at IHOP before our Quilt Shop HOP....giggle IHOP...Shop HOP. Maybe IHOP should be the place to eat when going on a Shop HOP. I think I must be punchy!!!

I decided before hand that I would only purchase fabrics that I hadn't seen locally...mission accomplished.

We started out at Best Friends. Where I got into trouble in the novelty section. Yep, I'm all set for a baby quilt. Well not completely but I think the rest I should be able to get out of my stash. Paddington Bear BABY!! There's going to be an adorable baby born in AZ that should LOVE this. AND a fabric Paddington Book. =)


I also bought myself some Flintstones fabric to make myself a Pillow Case...Yabba Dabba Dooooooo!!!!!


Next we hit Stitches 'n Such where they have garlic'll have to ask Jill about that. I bought this slick pattern that I'm dying to make. I'll have to decide what my color scheme should be. I also bought a piece of a magenta fabric that I just fell in love with. It's pictured somewhere below with a Red Wizard of OZ print and an Creme oriental fabric.


Next up was Aunt Ruth's where I picked up two slick blue batiks and the creme oriental.



Next up was Sew Ezy. Cute store, filled to the brim with everything BUT a lot of it I knew I could get at Patched Works so we kept moving.

Then, the Fabric Shack....oh boy....I can honestly say I've never seen so much fabric in one store before. Full stock on every line you could possibly think of. Insanity!! Insanity I tell you. Had My Mom been with us I can predict what her reaction would have been...she would have stopped dead, jaw hanging open and she would have gripped the sides of her head and started pulling on her hair, uttering how overwhelmed she was. So, in honor of that, I bought her a prezzie.


Yep, that's right, an honest to goodness Dick and Jane fabric book. I think if we play our cards right it could be made into a tote bag.

Now, these old they're freaking funny. I'm dying. Just dying. Not sure WHAT I'm going to do with them yet but boy oh boy...they're going to turn up in some funny places.


They even had the GIANT sized Rosie the Quilter panel. I have one in pink so I bought the coordinates to go wit it so that I can make a large quilt tote bag, For he red, white and blue Rosie I can get the coordinates at home but not the Giant Rosie so I picked her up too. I don't know what it is, but I have an obsession with Rosie the Quilter.


I bought Mike a piece of this Star Wars Fabric so that he can have a pillow case.


It was then time for Pie...







Then it was time for our obligatory stop at Jo-Ann's. We took a picture of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" turtles for Regina.


Now, this fabric has a story behind it. Weeks ago on Jill's birthday, Mom, Michelle and I were having Birthday Pie and Jill was getting ready to go on a date. We were texting back and forth. The three of us were dying because we started talking about WWJD? Fabric only it was "What would Jill Do." We came home and Michelle and I were checking out ebay for this fabric. So here Jill and I walk into Jo-Ann's and there was the fabric on the clearance rack. We each got some for a pillow case. It stands for "What would Jill do?" or in my case, "What would Jen do?" Of course there's a little more to this story but it has to do with GEORGE. Yep, I said George...


Here's what Jill's trunk looked like when we were finished shopping today...


I got to see CMW know, Crazy Mold Woman who is married to Crazy Mold Guy. I gotta tell you, I'm dying to catch a look at CMG.

As I type, Jill is upstairs talking on the phone with George. She started out down here but went upstairs because I had her laughing so darn hard!! Us laughing? Imagine that!!!!


Michelle said...

Didn't you get anyone to take a couple pictures of you two together today, painting the town?

Sounds like you had a barrel of fun! I am so happy for you! Have a WONDERFUL TIME at the retreat.

(Music please...tap, tap, tap)...And you'll have FUN FUN FUN til the weekend takes the G6 awayyyyyy.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

No kidding....What Michelle said? No ONE would take a pic of the two of you? You bought some cool stuff! And, I like the pie photos. You two are like peas and carrots.....hehehehhee

jillquilts said...

Man, you spilled the beans on George! I wasn't going to post about him again... Dang it!!

Man, I am having such a great time! I am going to have to hurry up and post about Thursday before Friday happens!!

Carol Van Rooy said...

Unfortunately, I had to lick the plate... to get a taste of the pie. MMMM, thanx for sharing (HEHEHE).

Glad your having a great time.

Regina said...

Can't believe you were thinking of little old me in the midst of all that fabric shopping fun! Now I need to check my JoAnn's to see if they have those turtles. Your fabrics are AWESOME - love those blues and your pillowcases will be so much fun! Have the credit cards melted yet???

Moneik said...

You two seriously blow me away! I'm sure you were having a ton of fun and finding lots! I received a gift certificate to the Quilt Corral at my shower and they brought in over 2500 bolts of fabric from the other store, marked down to $5 a yard!!! I'll be going back today. The other store is closing, so lots of skinny bolts on sale.

Vera said...

Sounds like you two are having a great time and getting all kinds of cool stuff. Have a great weekend.

Debi said...

Wow what fun you are having shopping. I hope you get some sewing done this weekend.

Bethany said...

My husband has demanded that I buy him that "Star Wars" fabric. Since when does he stand over my shoulder and read blogs??

I'm so glad you had fun.

Floss said...

Sound like a fun day. Wow what great fabric. My favorite would have to be the Paddington.

Regina said...

:-( just checked for those turtles at my JoAnn's and they don't have them. But I did find some great turtle waffle knit fabric. Time to bite the bullet and sew clothing again and make myself some jammies!!!

Kim said...

Sounds like nothing but a good time and successful quilt shop hopping so far. Enjoy!

starrynightquilter said...

Really like that Mexican Stars quilt pattern....make sure you post pictures of that one when you make it. One of my favorite things about a quilt pattern quilt class where everyone makes the same pattern - to see what their color choices turn the design into....

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I like rosie the quilter too I wanted to get some fabric but just haven't done it.. Maybe while I'm gone