Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Packing for Retreat Part 2

This morning I got up early for work and started pulling my sewing supplies together. I still need to put them in bags or boxes but I'll take care of that after we pick up the rental car. If I can fit a Rubbermaid tub in the trunk I'll just take everything right in there since that's where everything is currently residing as I was gathering things up.

I pulled out my Quilter's Home magazine because I remembered the article on things to take for a retreat in this last issue. I went line by line and grabbed everything that I figured I'd need from the list and it prompted me to grab other things that wern't on the list.

At some point now, I'll put together my own list. I found it really easy to go down and just grab the stuff I wanted. One of the things was my sewing machine manual. I'm taking my laptop so that's not needed because I have it in PDF format right on my hard drive.

I'm leaving work today at Noon. Then I'll pick up my rental car and pack it up and be on the road. Like I said I am taking my laptop but I'm not sure if there will be time to post any blog entries so don't worry about me if you don't see posts for a few days.

It sounds like Jill is a sewing maniac at retreats so her and I will get along just fine because once I'm in the zone, I stay in it and sew, sew, sew!


Michelle' said...

What retreat are you going to? Love the fabric using for the snapshots quilt! Beautiful dog - he looks a lot like one we had 10 years ago. Have fun at your retreat - wish I were going!

susanm said...

Enjoy, I envy you as there are not a lot of those around here.

Moneik said...

I think that list is really helpful! I'm sure you'll have everything you need, or friends to help you out! Can't wait to hear how the retreat went. I'm sure I'm missing a very good time.

Hazel said...

Have a good time .

Zegi said...

Sounds like you'll have lots of fun!

Beth said...

Have fun!