Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Acts of Quiltiness

Late last week I posted about ordering something online because I saw something that I KNEW one of my Prolific Online Quilter buddies HAD to HAVE. She's now received it so all can be revealed.

Regina LOVES turtles and has a whole collection that she's been revealing to us one at a time through Turtle of the Day. As I was browsing the web I happened upon Lisa Boyer's online shop. I found this awesome pattern called Baby Honu Sea Turtles. I knew immediately Regina had to have it!!

I sent a message along with my order asking for the reciept to be kept out and the rest was history. I had to sit and wait for it to arrive. The funny thing was that Regina who probably never expected that SHE was going to be the recipient asked the group daily if everyone was checking their mail boxes. I was at the quilt show when she blogged about it but thankfully Jill sent me a text message when she read it.

If you haven't heard of Lisa Boyer before go take a look. She's got a fun blog, is the author of two books that I've read, That Dorky Homemade Look & Stash Envy and also has some very cute patterns.


Beth said...

That is a VERY cute turtle! I am (sort of) working on a quilt for my DD who loves sea turtles. I'm done with part of the backing ..its a reverse applique of turtles swimming! HONEST! I will have to post it soon so you can see...

Moneik said...

I'm so glad to hear Regina got it. What a fun surprise. Thanks for letting me be part of the fun!