Friday, April 11, 2008

Rosemont Quilt Show 2008

Here's the post you've all been emailing me asking about! I needed time to get it all together!!

My alarm went off at 5:30am...who am I kidding? We all know I'm NOT a morning person and really wasn't actually going to get out of bed at that God Awful Hour. I think I finally rolled out at 6:15 and was on the road by 6:45. I headed out to the Park & Ride lot at I-94 & Hwy 83. We sat in Sherry's car until the bus arrived. The bus took Hwy 83 south until Hwy 20 and took that to I-94, we're guessing to avoid rush hour traffic and fog. I think we got to Genesse Depot and I was thinking to myself...OMG, what have I done? I'm on a bus and I always get sick on busses. But it was an ok ride. We circled and circled the facility...seems our bus driver couldn't quite figure out how to get us there. We were all pretty puzzled.

Sherry and I shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped. We were great quilt show companions because we just kept moving along so we could see it all. My first purchase was two pins. I thought they'd look cute on name tags so I got one for my mom & I.



We came upon a booth where everything looked like stained glass but on second look, it was a really easy method so both Sherry and I each bought a pattern. I'll have to collect some more fall batiks to make this. That will be soooo tough...NOT!! Diane, the pattern author walked up to Sherry and I and for a moment I thought it was Kelly from Bits & Pieces because she was wearing a crown. Nope, she was calling herself the queen of stained glass (Or was it applique...I can't remember!). Either way, I cracked up and bought a pattern!!


We had an awesome lunch. It was a carved roast beef sandwich and it rocked. I made a purchase after lunch. I've seen this shop before at quilt shows and yet I can't even remember who they are. They always have 4-1 yard cuts bundled together for like $29. It's usually older lines of fabric and I've typically just passed them by but they had a pattern that I thought was pretty cool so I went in to look for it. However...I totally forgot about my pattern when I saw a NEW line of Marcus Brothers fabric line Surf & Sand bundled as 13 - 1/2 yard cuts for $32.95. Huh? That's a head shaker. Not only is it a NEW line but 6-1/2 yards for $33?? Are you kidding me? $5 per yard?? Were the husband and wife each talking about two different things when they made the sign for this wall?? The whole back wall was labeled like that and 90% of the back wall was brand new fabric. I've been eyeing this line anyway so I bought two packs. I'm planning on making a shower curtain out of it and it will be perfect for a quilt that I want to make for my friend Shell who is getting married in the beginning of May. I'll still need to buy quite a bit of yardage for her quilt since it's going to be Queen Sized but I've got a pretty good start. Besides...13 yards of fabric is quite the commitment to carry around for the rest of the day. So I get in line and I'm just about up to the register when I realize, I never found the pattern that I went in for. I yelled to Sherry, she found it and ran it over.



Can you believe it? It was maybe 2:30 and we were done going through the vendors!! But that's because we just stopped at what we wanted to see and not at every booth. We checked out the quilts. There were a lot that were cool, but I'd say 95% of them were art quilts. I felt like I was at the Art Museum! We both agreed that while they were pretty, they just weren't us. There was an entire section that were "professional - up for sale" quilts that you couldn't take pictures of. So the pictures I'm going to show were NOT from that area. We didn't even go through the journal quilts because honestly...neither one of us really 'gets' those. Why not just call it a mini quilt? Why is it a journal? Anyway, I didn't take very many pictures because while a lot of it was cool, it wasn't really anything that I aspire to try out so I just enjoyed looking at them.

Then it was time for us to make one more pass through the vendors to hit the booths that we said we might want to go back to see. We stopped at the Martelli booth because both of us are lefties and they didn't previously have left handed rotary cutters. Wow, they were so cool. Before trying one I couldn't fathom how they worked. Smooth as butter!!! We each got a leftie!


I had wanted to stop by the Superior Threads booth again. I really wanted to try a cone of the new Lava thread but I couldn't quite decide which color variegated thread I wanted to buy. A whole cone of variegated is a pretty big commitment so I passed. I did buy two patterns though. I was really taken in by a quilt that was hanging on the wall so I went to buy that. While in line I was checking out their laptop bags. I ended up with that pattern too. Yes, I know I also just recently purchased the Indigo Junction laptop bag pattern but hopefully now I can read through both and take the best elements of each to make my bag.



I also picked up a little lapel pin from Quilted in Clay. It's a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and on my way out I got the 2008 Quilt Show collector pin but it didn't photograph very well!

The way home went pretty seamless...but I did get a little sick to my stomach on the bus ride so I shut my eyes and listened to my audio book.

Sherry and I went to Applebee's for dinner. I didn't realize just how hungry I was! I wolfed down a broccoli chicken Alfredo dish and then for dessert we each had a 'shooter.' What's a Shooter you ask? It's a smaller juice glass sized dessert. Sherry had Key Lime Pie and I had a Mocha Truffle. Yum!!

I came home and I was beat!!


Michelle said...

Thanks Jen. Yep, we've all been waiting to hear about the quilt show. Glad you had a good time.

Two more weeks, and I get to see you and Snippy! Yippee!!!!

Suzan said...

Wow! Looks like you had an incredible day...Let me know how that laptop pattern works out. I have been thinking about buying it for my new laptop.

Moneik said...

Sounds like you had a great time and got to see lots! I've seen the leaves pattern done and it is really a stunning pattern. What a deal on the fabric bundles!