Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rotary Cutting Revelation

I've spent the better part of the day doing laundry and cutting fabric for quilts to work on while I'm at my retreat. While doing so I had a revelation...I'm extremely rotary cutting ambidextrous. This new Martelli Rotary Cutter that I purchased is AWESOME and I bought the left handed one. I have very accurate cutting BUT, I have to switch rotary cutters from time to time so that I don't have to move my fabric and then I pick up one of my other cutters and use my right hand. I've actually had to concentrate when I cut. Normally I just whip, whip, whip through it. It's really no wonder that my most favorite rotary cutter on this planet has been my Fons and Porter one. In either hand, she's ready to roll.


However, I do love this Ergo Martelli one so I'm going to pick up a right handed 60mm one so that I have choices. I don't own a single 60mm rotary cutter and I think from the cutting I've done today that I do most of my cutting with my right hand. Which really, isn't a stretch because I do cut righty with a scissors. Everything else in my life though, I'm a lefty tried and true.

Now, for years I've gazed at my Mom while she's rotary cutting and just wondered why the he!! it was taking her so long and why it looked so uncomfortable. I've wondered this outloud and made fun of her for years. Well Mom, I'm SORRY. As it turns out, I'M THE ROTARY CUTTING FREAK, NOT YOU.

I got the fabric cut for two complete quilt tops. Boy, that was a lot of cutting. I'm very glad that I did it before hand though. Hopefully I can do a little more cutting tomorrow and get most of my quilting stuff ready to go for retreat!



I did find the 60mm cutter on HSN pretty reasonably. It was much cheaper than buying it and having it shipped from the manufacturer's website.


Kelly said...

I made the pink and black quilt for my stepdaughter and I loved making it. It was really easy and fun to make, looked great when it was done. I actually quilted it with black thread too. It was hard to figure out what color to use. The black really stood our and gave it an Oriental feel.. :)

Suzan said...

You can cut with either hand? I have trouble cutting with one! That would be such a time saver and maybe I woundn't hate cutting so much. Love the fabrics you are taking on retreat.

jillquilts said...

I love the fabric colors that you are bringing! Very neat! I can't wait!!!

Moneik said...

The fabrics look great! I'm sure you are going to have a blast at your retreat. So how does the new cutter work? I may have to get one!