Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sewey Sunday

Well, I didn't get as much done as I wanted to but I did get things accomplished. In the afternoon Mom and I ran to Patched Works to use our 40% off notion coupon. I bought a pack of hand sewing needles - more for the container than for the needles. It's pink, but pink wasn't my reason guys...honest. It's just a hard shell instead of cardboard. I also bought a package of triangle paper in the 2" finished size for when I start my own version of an Ocean Waves quilt. I could have sworn I already bought them but they're no where to be found and those always are kept in the same drawer. I do have a pack of 1" finished so I wonder if I just bought the wrong size originally. I do have the Triangulations software and could print out my own but when you're talking sewing about 1000 1/2 square triangles it's just easier to buy the paper already made up; especially since their pages are larger.

Mike had been to Home Depot earlier in the day to buy his brother a gift card. He wandered into the appliance department and learned a bit about washers and dryers. I believe we've found our washer. It's a Maytag® Bravos™ Top Load Washer , and then we're going to get a less expensive dryer. I like that the washer doesn't have the big agitator thing in the middle so it will be nice to my quilts. So we'll do some more research on who in the area has it the least expensive and we'll go from there.

Mike made us brats for dinner. Mine had spinach and feta inside. I didn't even notice it at first but he made my meal into a smiley face. He likes to 'plate' his meals.


I quilted Jill's quilt. It turned out really nice. I just love stippling on the frame, I find it SOOO relaxing. First I played with thread choices and once I had it narrowed down I took pictures and emailed them off for opinions. Jill decided to go with the brown/tan verigated. It looks sooo nice. I pieced the back pretty quick and then I layed it out on my bed so I could cut down the batting. I didn't even need a new piece, I had a warm and natural chunk that worked perfectly. I walked away for two minutes to grab something and I came back to find my 'Quilt Tester' on Jill's quilt. LOL


Then I had to plead with her to cut her testing short. I had a quilt to quilt!! I didn't really have any problems. I think I had two thread breaks and both were user error. I only had one or two thread skips that I needed to go back and correct. At first I thought I was going to have a problem with 'pokies' because the bobbin thread is black but then I realized what I was seeing from the top was just the hole that the needle was making. I sent her two pictures in the beginning to show her how it was going.



While quilting her quilt I realized that in all these years, I've never made myself a Quilting themed quilt. I've made other themed quilts for friends and family but never for myself. I really should get on that! more thing on my someday list!!

Mike and I decided that I'm not going to make a raffle quilt for this year's MACC FUND ride. With our move it's just too much. Mike was even thinking he might not ride but I think we're just going to do the 20 mile route. I'll start with a raffle quilt for the Make a Wish Walk at the end of August and then I'll have all winter to make one for the 2009 MACC FUND Ride.


Suzan said...

I clicked on the link to look at the washer. New washing machines facinate do they clean without the agitator? How does banging it around in the washing tub make all the dirt leave? Inquiring minds need to know!!!

Moneik said...

I love the quilt and the quilting. You'll never believe all the FMQing I got done this weekend! I think you have converted me and I don't even have a frame yet!

Kristie said...

Mike is so CRE8TIVE (hehehehe)! That is so cute!

Jill's quilt looks wonderful! As always you do such a great job.

jillquilts said...

I love the quilt! I can't wait to see it in person and to put the binding together! The little dogs are going to love the Holly smell! Let her lay on it some more!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

My little grand dogter is such a great little quilt tester. It turned out so cute now I want one.

Michelle said...

First of all, let me get my JEALOUSY out of the way. I WANT ONE OF THE WASHER & DRYER SETS, IN BLACK, AND I WANT IT NOW!....(even though I don't need one). I bought a Maytag set 11 1/2 years ago. I haven't done anything to the washer for repairs. I have only replaced the drum rollers on the dryer. Now, I know, since it is just Louie and I, it doesnt get much abuse, but I think that is pretty good! On an average though, I only do 3 loads a week. I remember when I was one out of 7 children, and two parents, our washing machine ran six, yes, I said SIX loads a DAY! Things lasted longer back then!

Now, on to the quilt. It looks GREAT! Good job, Jen! Cute quilt, Jill!

AND...I think Mike has a cre8tive side in him, and maybe you should ask him sometime if he would like to quilt with you! You might just be surprised! Louie, actually, probaby would like to, but he wouldn't, just because he thinks it is a GIRL thing, and someone might find out if he did, and make fun of him. I always tell what is so different about me running your power tools? Quilting is an's not like we're making dresses here! He always tells me, 'Well, you know, if I did make a quilt, you would just get mad at me, because mine would turn out better than yours, and then you would get all mad, and cry, and never forgive me, so I'll just keep my butt out of the quilting area, and out of trouble and let it be your hobby.' Ok, smarty pants....whatever!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You have Mickey plates! I just love them. Love the smiling brat, too. Jills quilt turned out awesome. Your quilting is wonderful. I just know you two are going to have wayyyyy too much fun very soon.....

butrfly2200 said...

Congratulate Mike on his
cre8tivity. I really like your
quilt too. I haven't read your blog lately. I am soooooo behind.
Had to taken all guild pictures off my site. I can't get onto my serialquilter's site at present just blogger.