Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're about to be Homeless

Today during lunch I got quite a bit of binding done. My poor right hand. =( That's the same reason I gave up cross stitch many years ago. But, I still wasn't done. I had 8 inches to go.

Around 3 I get a call from Mike saying that the Townhouse manager called him and said that they've been working on our unit and there's no way they can get rid of the smell before we move in. Mike relayed this to me and then he got busy so I took it upon my self to call back to get more details. Mike's not too hot at asking the questions that I want to know because we just think completely differently.

So, she offered us the one other unit that they have available. I took down the address and said we'd be there after work tomorrow to see it. I'm NOT happy with this. I really like the location of our unit in the complex. Our apartment now is SOOOOO hard for guests to get to, there's no where to park, it's just an all around pain in the arse. I also asked if since she was the area district manager that covers our current apartment if she could arrange for us to stay where we were while they continue to work on the unit we've rented. However, after checking she found that our unit has already been rented and people are supposed to move in July 1st. I was a bit taken aback because no one has viewed our unit AND our unit needs quite a bit of work. Also, we don't have to be out of our unit until June 1st. With how slow they typically move I know now that they're not intending to fix anything.

I left work at 4:30 and quickly buzzed over to Frank's Sewing Center so I could sit and finish applying my binding and get my challenge quilt turned in since I can't get there tomorrow to drop it off. I knew they were open until 5:30 so I figured I had enough time...thankfully I did. It's all finished, dropped off and I'm glad it's done. There were quite a few challenge quilts stacked up, I guess more than I expected. I was hoping there wouldn't be too many entries since the advertising for classes didn't get out to that many people in a timely fashion. Oh well, it's all in the hands of the Baby Lock representative now.

Charming Challenge

I called Mike on my way home and relayed that I knew the address of the Townhouse they wanted to switch us to and that I was going to drive by and check it out. He met me there and we HATE the location. It's on the backside of the complex, no street parking for guests AND there's about 6 stairs leading up to it. Ok, we've had stairs long enough. I realize 6 isn't make or break it to most people, but I'm DONE with having so many stairs. Plus, there's a pvc pipe that is attached to one of the stairs...electrical wires must run through it or something. That's got to be completely lovely in winter...NOT. Our front door and living room window and sewing studio window would face the backside of a medical complex. Really I'm guessing guests of ours would have to chance parking in the Medical Complex's lot and then walking through a patch of grass to get to our door.

So, we peered in the windows of the unit we're supposed to have. Tomorrow we'll walk through that one as well. I think we're going to see if they can take a few more weeks to work on it while we stay where we are or see if they possibly have any 3 bedroom townhouses available. Or, worst case see if they'll let us out of our lease and then we'll be stuck scrambling to find somewhere else to live with what 31 days until we have to be out? I mean, now we're also talking changing vacation days around, we're talking having to change the delivery of our washer and dryer or possibly not needing the washer and dryer that we just purchased if we end up elsewhere, having to keep our storage unit longer, possibly having to pay more yet for rent somewhere and lastly..the possibility of being homeless if we can't get this figured out in the next 31 days.

I'm NOT happy, can you tell? All my plans to come home and have a night of sewing this evening all went out the door. I knew I'd just be miserable so I laid down to take a nap. Afterwards when I woke up Mike was watching the Brewer game and I thought I was having a fun time playing with Holly and joking with him and he just got real ugly so I went to hide in the bedroom with my laptop. Finally the Brewers beat the Cubs and he came to make peace with Nerds and Laffy Taffy. What can I say, I can be bought.

I've been saving for a sewing machine to stay on my frame so I don't need to take my machine on and off the frame. Taking it on and off isn't the problem. It's when I've got a quilt on the frame and I need to work on something else quick that becomes the problem. My little Janome Jem is old, tired and has few options. It really can only handle piecing and none of the other crafts that I like to do in between. I guess that's why I'm so bent on wanting to win this contest. However, the bottom line is, I LOVE my 6600. I love the way it sews everything at my table and I absolutely LOVE that I never have to screw around with tension when I put it on the frame. I've done what, 35 quilts on the frame now? I've only had to rip twice and both times were my own stupidity for not checking once I got started. Do I really want to even use a different machine on my frame when I have such wonderful luck with what I'm using? Part of me says I'm insane to even think about getting an additional machine when I have such excellent luck with the one I have doing everything I want it to do. Do I really need then to spend $900 on a machine for my frame and then eventually another $500 for a stitch regulator when if I don't win the competition, I could just BUY the nice little $300 machine that can be used for classes, sewing at mom's and sewing other things when my lovely 6600 is on my frame. I don't necessarily NEED the stitch regulator. I've done great so far without it. Granted, I'm sure it would be nice for when I start wanting to play with pantographs but by the time I get gutsy enough to do that I'll be even more apt at using the frame. My stitches are pretty darn regular right now when I stipple, dwirl and even free motion zig zag. So, that's where my thoughts on that matter are...for today anyway. LOL.


Michelle said...

What a day you had! Keep your head up, and things will work out. I always tell my sister when thing looks bad, that sometimes things don't work out, because God has a better plan for you. Keep looking for apartments. The perfect one is out there waiting for you somewhere. I'll include your in my prayers.

Your quilt is lovely. As for whether you need another machine or not is all up to you. You don't need to explain anything to anyone. If you can find a way to get it, then do it. I know you would use it. Don't make yourself feel guilty.

I love you. Have a great day!

Suzan said...

I can just imagine how disappointed and angry you are with the whole moving situation. I am sure there will be a happy solution soon so that you can relax.

Regarding your sewing machine situation...just a thought. If you want to get a different machine for the frame, have you investigated if your cruise control will work with any other machines? Your machine now has so many nice features that it would be a shame to use that one ONLY on the frame. You know I love my 1600P but I have no idea if the cruise control would be interchangeable with other Janomes.

Carol Van Rooy said...

Did yo not view the apartment before you signed the lease. Sorry, I'm not sure how housing works in the states.

If I'd of lived closer, I sure I would of put you up... we could all have paly dates at Nancy's.

Karen said...

There are products on the market that will remove all odors! Make the management take care of it! My father's apartment was embedded with the smell of stale cigarettes and after he died they were able to get them out of everything including the furniture. I know it can be done.

Moneik said...

Good luck with your housing. That's got to be a nightmare! I know I would be stressing out about it too.
I think you'll know when the time is right for finding another machine. It may be one for the frame or a little carry one, but when it's meant to be it will fall into place.
You've got a lot ahead of you this month!

Regina said...

Homeless is NOT fun - I moved 800 miles from SC to NY (on Christmas Day no less) and the place we were moving to was NOT ready (new construction) and the temporary apt. DH found for us still had a tenant who was being evicted THAT DAY - we actually helped her move out!!!

Hope you have a smoother and quicker resolution to your situation than we did (March 15th... that's when we finally were not homeless)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a really tough day. I pray that this situation will work out for you.

Hazel said...

You poor thing no wonder you are stressed .Put a little pressure on them maybe it will help .Is housing hard to find there ? Good luck I'm sure it will all work out .Maybe it was meant to be and you will find something better .Good luck with the contest .

teresa said...

Wow Jen, you have your share of stress, but know things have a way of working out, but don't accept what you really aren't going to be happy with, remember it's going to be your HOME, Stand tall. and one more thing, a lady always has more than one sewing machine! Go for it! Teresa.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wow that was alot to take in I don't even know where to start with that one. I know how you feel though