Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Apparantly you're never too old to "Drunk Dial"

Since my mom has been so slow on telling this tale I'm jumping on it because I find it utterly hilarious. Late last week you all read that my Grandma, Aunt Diane and Aunt Kitty were flying to Arizona to visit my Aunt Karen. Monday was Cinco De Mayo and apparantly they went somewhere for lunch and two of the three Aunt's had jumbo Margarita's. When they got home, the drinking continued since they were having a good time. My Aunt Karen's favorite phrase is, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." Afternoon turned to Evening, Evening turned to 12AM and it became my Aunt Karen's Birthday. Around 2:30AM Central Time, "The Aunt's Three" as my mom has named them dialed my mom's cell phone. On our cell phones you can change the ring tones for each individual person. Since Kitty usually is calling with a Medical Emergency regarding my Grandma it's a wake up out of a dead sleep type ring tone. So, as you can imagine, my mom hears Kitty's ring tone and immediately thinks something is wrong with Grandma so she figures...if she doesn't answer then it's just not happening. It rings again and she answers. She hears sobbing then a very serious, "This is your sister Kathleen M. M_____." By now she also hears hysterical laughter in addition to the serious voice and the sobbing and realizes all is fine. Well...I suppose that depends on your definition of fine. The sobbing was coming from the Birthday did she get to be her age??? The hysterical laughter coming from the oldest sister.

Three or Four Phone Calls and about an hour later...they're finally done with her. There was discussion of going skinny dipping, the birthday girl was either thrown in the pool with her clothes on or she dove in...we're not so sure about that. Then she demanded my mom sing her happy birthday because the other two wouldn't...well the other two already had, she just coudln't remember that. My Grandma kept getting up to go to the bathroom and would ask, "Aren't you ever going to bed?" Mom really regrets not calling them at 5:30am Central time, which would have been 3:30am their time to let them know she was up for the day!!

So're just never too old to drunk dial your friends and family. The combined age of these 3 crazy ladies is at least 195 years.

Tonight we got my car towed. AAA sent out a flat bed tow truck with a crazy driver. Mind you, my car wouldn't go into neutral and there he is with a flat bed. You're going to get my car out how?? The guy just kept saying, "But I can do it." Imagine that in a high pitched yet gravely old man voice. "I jus' need you to sign a damage waiver." Mike ended up putting it on wheel dollies and him and two other neighbor guys pushed it out of the garage and then we waited until the regular tow truck came. It was 9 before we were done. I took a picture with my cell the quality is pretty craptastic...but bye bye dead car.


Tonight was also the night that the new owner of Mike's S-10 Lucy came to finalize the sale. I've never seen Mike so sad. Of course when Mom and I went to get dinner I stopped at the Hallmark Store and bought him a sympathy card.

Two nights ago, Mike bought me a lovely bunch of yellow carnations since I've been so down latley about all the crap going on. Of course, 20 minutes later we discovered my car was kaput so I didn't get to blog about them. Again, a picture with the craptastic camera phone. I think my memory card for my digital camera got eaten by the's with my usb adaptor with a long ribbon so I'll have to dig for it!



Michelle said...

Very pretty flowers. When will your car be back? I'm sorry he had to sell his friend(can't remember her name).

Sounds like your aunts had a fantastic time. Bet your mom didn't think it was funny though.

Kim said...

Always nice to hear about family having a great time, whoopin' it up. I think I met that tow-truck guy you wrote about!! Or he has a cousin in MN...door knob. The flowers are nice, the gas guzzzzling truck won't be missed and the move will work out fine. Hang in there!

PS: Did you make progress with the quilt you were re-piecing to fit your quilting frame?

Moneik said...

I feel so sorry you are having so much trouble. Too bad my brother wasn't there to come tow you. He uses a flat bed, but he's a master with it. I very rarely see the kind of truck you had pull you. He's also a good fun loving guy! I'm sure Mike will miss his truck! I tried to convince Paul he could do the same thing, but he didn't bite.

Carol Van Rooy said...

When I first saw the picture, I thought your car was on fire.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said... you come by your sense of humor honestly then. Sorry about your car. Still love the word "craptastic".

jillquilts said...

That is too funny!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

OMG!! They could have drunk dialed me and I would have laughed right along with them!! I have drunk dialed friends but usually only after they had done it to me several times... and mom and dad but that has always been while I was overseas.. Yea another story for another time. Sorry to hear about your care and the flowers are beautiful.. Oh and the sympathy card was perfect!!