Friday, May 23, 2008

Moving and Blogging

I really like to have a new blog post every day but you know...just how exciting is moving? Not at all. So unless I have something really profound to say I think I'm going to do a series on the quilts I've made before I started blogging. There's enough of them to keep you entertained for more than a few weeks but hopefully I'll return to regular blogging long before that.

It will be more story telling than anything but that's the type of writing that I can do without a lot of thinking.

I will say, I'm shocked at how my Moving Sale is doing. Now, if only I can find some scrapbook/card making/rubber stamping type buyers! I have a feeling a lot of that will end up on e-bay. But that's not the worst thing either. Maybe I can just pack some boxes of for sale stuff so that once I'm in my new digs they'll be easy to access and get started.

I'm having a hard time with this whole packing up to move thing. I know it has to be done. I know that it has to be done shortly. I know there's a lot to do. I can't make myself do it. Mike thinks I'm playing on my computer a lot of the time when really...I'm just staring into space. It just seems so overwhelming to me that it's paralyzing me. I was even working on a quilt top this weekend and you know...I couldn't even get excited about that. There is something definitely wrong with me. It's like a two month long panic attack.

The other thing that's on my mind is my day job. I just realized...I can't take a single day off until Mid-August. There's just something that makes you panic when you look at the calendar and can't take a day here or there if you should want to. Now, I can go months at a time without extra days off here and there...but this is really freaking me out. We have three sections to our sales department. Each section has a customer service rep and a technical sales rep. Only one person from each section can be out at any one given time and only one person per job title can be out during any given time. Clear as mud? A customer service rep is going to be out on maternity leave and for two weeks of that my technical sales rep will also be out. Seriously...I'm freaking out!!

So instead of being woe is me, we'll look at quilts that I've made!


Michelle said...

Hang in there sweetie, and email me if you want, or call, and we can talk.

Regina said...

Are you posting more scrapbook/card making/rubber stamp type stuff??? I am not big on grommets, but always look at other "stuff"...

hang in there - the move will be over soon!

Trish said...

I have moved many, many times and I now have a very good system:

Step 1: At least one month before the move, accumulate ALL your packing material (boxes, packing tape, packing material eg newsprint or newspaper to wrap breakables, several large marker to write on boxes). Make sure you have twice as much as you think you need.

Step 2: Procrastinate! (this is the part I'm really good at) but leave a couple of open boxes lying around the house so that it looks like you're actually packing something....

Step 3: Two nights before the move.... Packing Party! Seriously, Call up 3 or 4 good friends or family members (in advance, of course) and do it all at once. 2 people in the kitchen, 1 person in the other rooms (works best if the homeowner is able to move from room to room to help out and answer questions, but if I'm running out of time I actually pack with them...)4 people can pack a whole house in 4 or 5 hours.... However, copious amounts of wine, beer and snacks add to the occasion and make it memorable!

Make hubby pack the garage.... otherwise you'll never hear the end of it if he can't find something later (.... like it was MY fault or something)

Step 4: Moving Day - Re-stock the beer and make the men carry EVERYTHING!

The only thing you have to remember is that eventually it's payback time. I occasionally have to return the favour, but that's OK because then THEY supply the 'refreshments' LOL.

Good luck with your move!

Diane said...

You would be surprised how much can be done when under the gun. You can take time in August to play in your new sewing room,have time to decorate the apt. and maybe have a house warming! Put in your vacation and enjoy!

Moneik said...

I never pack till the last minute. I always find something else I would rather be doing. I know how hard it is to get motivated. Not being able to take time off really puts me in a bad mood too. This will be the first time I have taken more than 2 days off at any one time in over 3 years! I'm making the most of my 2 weeks. I've been saving them since Sept. so I could have them off. Maybe we should plan a sewing party for Aug. or Sept., so you have something to look forward to!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

OK I guess it's time for me to just come over and start the packing. I don't mind doing it.