Friday, May 30, 2008

My Brother 'Type' Person

My mom just alerted me that my brother type person, Tom (He's a friend of mine and during High School & College his full title was, "The brother I never had, never wanted and when I got sick of him I could send him home.") made the front page of the Journal/Sentinel this morning. If I would have seen it in the paper, even without the caption I would have known it was Tom.

Photo/Kristyna Wentz-Graff
The Caption reads: Boat captain Tom Hanson fills a gas can after Bob Gates (right) finished filling the Brew City Queen at the McKinley Marina fueling dock on Wednesday. The boat, operated by Riverwalk Boat Tours & Rentals, took 60 gallons of gas.

Now, I'll admit I haven't exactly kept in touch over these last few years. I grew tired of being put down because I didn't have an elite degree like he did and his assumptions that I couldn't possibly be making decent money really pissed me off to no end. Still; that aside, it's neat to see that he made the front page!! Maybe someday I'll figure out how to ignore that part of his personality and just focus on the good stuff.

Tom, if you google your own name some day and happen upon my blog, I miss you...terribly believe it or not...I'm just not quite sure how to relate to you at this point in time.

Thomas G Hanson Jr Thomas Hanson Tom Hanson


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Tom is the " son I never had, never wanted, didn't have to give birth to and could send him when I was tired of him." All through highschool he practically lived at our house. So many fun times were had. So, Tom is you ever run across this get in touch you know where I am.
Wisconsin Mom

Moneik said...

Interesting what you see in the paper. We're being completely covered with Obama and Clinton right now as the election is Tues.

Connie said...

I knew a guy from like 2nd grade all the way through grad school (a looong time)--we never dated, but I always felt close to him. We graduated, went our separate ways (always sent X-mas cards), and afer my divorce some years later (and I moved back to the same home town) I looked him up--figured we'd get a beer and say hi. He'd married, which was great, but his wife was so insecure (I assume that must be the reason) that she did not want him to even talk to me on the phone. Sheesh--if we never dated or even kissed or held hands since 2nd grade, what was there to be insecure over? I wasn't an ex or anything. Anyway, that really stung--I respected his choice to respect his wife, but I felt like I really lost someone that I had a long history with. Ok--sorry to bore ya! It's just that sometimes people you have a connection with--even if it was never romantic--really have a place in your history--it's hard when that connection goes away.