Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Nano for my Nerd

...uh I mean Husband.

With the upcoming move of which we still have no nailed down date we're trying to curb our spending because there always ends up being stuff that you need to buy when you move. With that being said, Mike is flying to Boston this weekend to see the Brewers play the Red Sox. He announced he was going to be sooooo bored on the plane and made a comment that went something like this, "You think my wife would buy me a nano since I'm the one taking care of all the details for our move." Followed by a giant sigh and a pathetic look. I told him we should just go buy him one and be done with it. "No, I'll just go sit on the plane and be bored." he says, in a martyr voice that I thought only I could pull off as I see him eyeing my pretty pink nano. Uhhh, no way buddy.

I have a sewing maching fund. I decided to dip into it to buy him a nano. I got it at lunch and still had enough time to drive past his work and drop it off...thinking he'd be all excited. I call and tell him to meet me outside in two minutes. His response, "You didn't buy the damn thing did you?" I wanted to cry...I mean it WAS money from my sewing machine fund. I drop it off and tell him it was from my fund and I go on my merry way. A few hours later he sends me this email:

From: Mike
To: Jen
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 2:06:58 PM
Subject: thank you

For being a butt head and getting me something nice like this…..


It's a good thing Butt Head is a term of endearment of some sort in our household.

Mike had to go help his brother which left me home to work on the ipod install. I set it up on his desktop and then I started attempting to copy music from my PC to his. He had most of the music already but needed the stuff that I had put onto discs that we purchased previously from Napster. By the time I was done, out of his 80GB hard drive, he had 6MB left. So then, I had to spend time freeing stuff up. I found 11GB. Now while he's gone I'll go through more to see what else I can get rid of.

Like me, he just keeps muttering....it's so tiny!! This ipod is just such a difference from our previous Dell MP3 players, it's not even funny. He's blown away that he can download a movie or a few tv shows. Podcasts; that's like talk radio ON DEMAND!!

So honey, have fun...I might even show you where you can find 'classic' Brewer games to re-listen to in the same way you re-watch them on ESPN.


Carol Van Rooy said...

From the same site that plays music on my blog, John has downloaded the vast majority of the music on his MP3 player. It sure beats paying for it. too.

Just click on the player and it will bring you to the site, should you wish to check it out.

I love the email Mike sent. Around here the same goes, with weird name calling as terms of endearment.

Oh and what exactly is a Nano?!?

kt said...

my husband went ahead and won a nano at a business conference so that he could stop hearing me complain about how much I needed an ipod. :)

oh, and go red sox! :) (I'm from new england... you can't expect me to root for milwaukee can you?) seriously though, fenway's awesome... has he been there before?

Anonymous said...

That was very nice of you to get that for him with your savings. I'm sure he will really appreciate it while he is traveling.

Diane said...

Hi Jen,

You made the ultimate sacrifice, your sewing machine fund!! Good thing he finally realized the sacrifice.

How long have you had your Nano? I have a creative mp3 player and had a problem after 8 months. Dealing with the company was a little frustrating but I am expecting it to be returned soon. Need books to listen to when I am quilting!

Diane C

Moneik said...

Oh what a sweet gift! I'm sure he'll really enjoy it on the plane. He'll think he has the best wife in the world! (I'm not in the running yet)

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You are the ultimate wife! And, he's figured it out, too! So, you have an entire weekend without the hubby? Hmmmm....I love those weekends. I get a couple each month from now until hunting season opens here. Yippeeeee! Girl time...I can sneak all kinds of new bags home and he won't be here to see me bring them in...hehehehheheee

Regina said...

You're the best!!!
I don't even have a sewing machine fund :-(

Connie said...

That is truly nice--I'm sure like every hubby even though they seem clueless most of the time yours has chalked you up some major good wife points--and you deserve 'em!

Millie said...

I'm probably old enough to be your mother, but I just bought myself an iPod and I can't believe how much I love it. I use it much more than I ever imagined I would.

Congrats on having a husband who knows he's been a butt head and can admit it.

I live in Red Sox Nation, and I hope your husband gets to see the Sox win.

Maureen said...

The first thing I thought was you are so nice! I'm glad Mike realizes what a good wife you are. Hope he enjoys it on the plane...boy am I jealous...I really wanted one for my birthday...but there is always Christmas...that's just a little ways away.


Jo-Ann said...

I live in Red Sox nation also. I hope Mike enjoyed the games at Fenway - it's waaaay too expensive for me.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Jen I really admire you guys and the relationship you have with each other. One day I will have one like that too.. Smiles