Sunday, May 4, 2008

Will we move or will we be homeless...that is the question

This morning Mike and I went to view a three bedroom townhouse in the same complex as piss place. I really LOVE the size of it. The problem is we still haven't seen OUR unit because the people living in it are in the process of being EVICTED! Can you believe our luck?? So we've just got to HOPE that it will be fine. I think what bothers me the most is that we don't know the exact date that we're moving. I don't know when to reschedule my vacation days. I'm just frustrated and overall I just don't see this move really happening and that's really scary because we were told that June 23rd is the last day that we can be in our current apartment and they're raising our rent for that one month. How is that fair? It's the same company and we're going to be there later because of their screw up. We signed a lease with a move in date of May 15th so we'd have a full two weeks to move. Now, who knows. It's not even about the money. At this point I'd pay whatever they tell me to pay if we could just get this move over with. I know, two months from now this won't matter, but right now it's stressing me out beyond belief.

Anyway, here's the lay out of our new (fingers crossed) digs: First let me say, I've never seen SOOOO many closets before. On the other hand, the kitchen cabinets are pretty sparse. But, our pantry closet is huge and our dining area is huge. We will without a doubt, have room for Holly's kennel, our kitchen table could have both leaves put in it, room for our water cooler and if we're really getting fancy, we would even have room for a buffet cabinet for extra dishes. The living room is decently sized with another closet at the front door. I don't know if you can tell from the drawing but the stair case is split. So to get up stairs you go up like 5 stairs, have a landing, turn the corner and up another 5 stairs. It will be nice to have a break in the stairs for going up and down them with my sewing maching tote. On the other hand, it's also the same set up to go to the basement so there's no actual basement door. Since we don't exactly need to heat and cool the basement, Mike's already decided he'll just frame out the area and put a door in. The last thing we need is for Holly to always be in the basement and us wondering what she's getting into!! Of course, all I see when I look at these split stairs with landings are great places to hang a wallhanging!!!

3bdr layout

Then there's the second floor. The bedroom on the lower right hand corner will be our bedroom. The 14' x 9' bedroom will be perfect to hold the quilting frame and the computer desk. The upper 11'9" x 11'9" will be my sewing room. Yes, I could put my frame in there but then it would be cramped like my room is now. If we have a third bedroom we might as well spread out. The closets upstairs are huge too. It will be nice to not be so crammed in.

Now...if we can actually pull this off and have me not lose my sanity I will be shocked.

I was planning on spending the rest of the day packing but I just didn't have it in me. I haven't had the urge to pack at all yet and now it's even worse. I just want to know our MOVING DATE!!!!

I decided instead to sew. I wasn't sure what I was going to work on and then it dawned on me...Shell's wedding is NEXT weekend. I haven't worked on her quilt since Quilt Retreat a few weeks back. The quilt is called Snapshots from Atkinson Design's book, "Happy Hour." I got the top all assembled. It was pretty windy out so holding it up really wasn't an option. I put it on the ground below our patio then ran upstairs and out onto the patio to snap my shot. It's not as clear as I'd like but life will go's only an in progress picture.

Shell's Wedding Quilt - Snapshots in Surf and Sand Fabric

Now, It's not as subtle as I thought it was going to be. The fabrics didn't look so busy when I purchased them and cut them out. I'm nervous. I keep switching from, "Who wouldn't like a quilt?" to "OMG what did I DO??" Shell knows I'm making her a quilt. They had originally registered for a Bed in a Bag in blues and browns. When I told her I wanted to make a quilt she took it off her registry. I had originally showed her my Aunt Karen's "A Bit Askew" quilt and intended to make that but when it came time to enlarge the pattern to a queen size I got overwhelmed and went to this pattern thinking it could still be artsy, quirky and fun. At the same time, I still have blocks left over to make my shower curtain out of. Yikes!

It's too large to quilt on my frame with borders attached so I think I'll be trying something new...I've got a technique floating around in my head. I'll run to Patched Works tomorrow to get the border and binding as well as fabric for pillow cases and pillow shams.

Then I pulled out my April UFO. it is May, and I'm first working on April's UFO. Oh well. I didn't take a new picture of it but here it is to refresh your memory:

Batik Club - Circle Wallhanging

Now, this picture doesn't show it, but I only had 2 small circles and the larger circle left to do circle stitching on. I tried doing it with a thumbtack and that wasn't as seamless of a transaction as I had hoped so I ripped that out and now I'm in the process of ripping out all of the circle stitching because I just wasn't happy with it. I realize it's just a mini wall hanging but it would pain me to look at, I'd always see it. My dealer really dropped the ball on ordering the Janome Circle Stitcher so now I officially give up. If I run across one someplace else at some point I will buy it. For now, I'll rip the circle stitching out and I think I'm going to cross hatch the circles to give them a little bit different geometric design going. I stippled the rest of the background in a pretty tiny stipple.

May's UFO should be pretty straight forward as it's my Moda-U Postcard quilt that was the Block of the Month last year at Bits & Pieces. I just need to quilt it and buy binding fabric. I think I'll hang this at one of our staircase landings.

Moda U Block of the Month Quilt


Suzan said...

Man! Lots to comment on this one!! First, I really do think everything is going to work out with the apartment. Second, I think the blue and brown quilt is beautiful! Last, I am also loving your May UFO!

Michelle said...

Breathe, sweetie, breathe! All will be ok.

Moneik said...

That was one long post! I really believe that your apartment issue will resolve itself, so don't stress out too much. If I lived closer and didn't have a wedding coming up I'd be right there to help you move whereever you go. Shell is one very lucky lady to be receiving that beautiful quilt and pillowcases and shams! I'm sure your ingenious quilting on the frame will work! Let us know how it goes. We'll be looking at frames on our honeymoon trip! I want one so bad I can almost taste it. I'm sure you will accomplish both your April and May UFO's this month. I have nothing but faith in your abilities and I know they will get done. If I see the Circle attachment for your machine I'll pick it up and send it to you! I think I'm going to make a wall hanging like that out of my batik scraps.

Debi said...

Jen, I love the Surf and Sand quilt, it is NOT too busy, imho. The Moda quilt is very pretty also.

Moneik said...

All I can say is from the floor plan, I see the dining room has plenty of room to say have six-eight quilters in it, for a long weekend???

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Love the Moda U quilt. I admire all your work you do such great work