Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2001 - And then we were wed...

...and I got the brilliant idea to make each of my bridesmaids a quilt. It's really a good thing we had an 18 month engagement. I made these quilts between May 2000 and finished the last one probably in August 2001.

Jen and Jean 1My cousin Jean was my matron of honor. I snuck scraps of green in and out of her house until I got just the right ones.

Jean's Log Cabin

Jen and Tracey 1 My cousin Tracey...yeah I'm not really sure why I chose patriotic. It must have went with her house at that time. I do know that this is one of the most loved/used/abused quilts. =)

Tracey's Log Cabin

Jen and Erin 1My Cousin Erin's took on a more modern flair with the Grey/Black Theme.

Erin's Log Cabin

Jen and Wendy 1My Sister in Law Wendy's quilt...now that's a funny story too. The center I fussy cut and the calico fabric has pigs on it. Wendy is a pig collector. When I made her signature quilt I was swearing a blue streak because I couldn't find the fabric that I had purchased for it. Yeah...that's cause I had already used it in her bridesmaid quilt and forgot all about it!

Wendy's Log Cabin

This one was for my Mommy for her to put on her bed. Murphy ate some holes which I'm ok with but my mom is still mad about. No biggie, I know they love it!

Mom's Log Cabin

This one I made for Mike's mom who upon opening it said, "It's about time I get a quilt." This was around the time I came up with the phrase "Quilt Worthy." I think about the type of comments a quilt might receive when it is given because I definitely wasn't prepared for that!! Didn't really give me the warm fuzzies, that's for sure. That comment sucked the fun out of giving the quilt and it's stayed with me all this time. I no longer give a quilt because I feel obligated to.

Janet's Log Cabin


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I just love them all! That log cabin for you SIL Wendy is wonderful. I haven't made a log cabin yet....hmmmmm.....where's that list? There's no way I can live long enough to finish this list. You are "Quilter Extroidenaire" although I can't spell that word.....

Suzan said...

Wow! All that pressure AND getting married. I would never have attempted anything like that. Of course, you are like the Energizer Bunny!

Regina said...

Love the quilts - and the comments. I think that is why my SIL has not gotten a quilt yet - she keeps "demanding" it...like she is entitled. Uh -NOPE!

Kristie said...

Love all of the quilts! I have a log cabin that is about half finished. I think I even have all of the strips cut....I really need to dig it out.

Moneik said...

My MIL does the same thing, so I told her when I get a frame, she'll get a quilt. We've been looking...

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I love that you made everyones log cabin different. I have a patriotic log cabin that I started for ever ago and have yet to go back to .. I will though it sounds as if I am going to have some one remind me that I have lots of started quilts and that I need to finish them.. Keith actually said the other day "It sounds like you have a lot of quilts in the works" LOL if he only knew