Monday, June 23, 2008

2005 - A Family of Quilts

In the beginning of January 2005, Maddie was born. I wanted her quilt to be bright and cheerful.

Maddie's Baby Quilt

Once it was made, I was freaked out about how bright it was and how well it would be received. This was for our friends Mike & Elizabeth's little girl.

Not three weeks after her birth, big sister Kaycey was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer. Being at a loss for what I could do, how I could help, I made a comfort quilt for Kaycey.

Again, Sort of afraid of the brights once they were together but it was LOVED. I orignally had orange in this quilt as well...and I just could not do it. I yanked all the blocks with orange in them.

Kaycey's Quilt

Not to be left out, big brother Cal needed a quilt. He picked the colors of his.

Cal's Irish Chain


Moneik said...

I'm sure the quilts were well loved. They look great. Sometime bright to us, looks fun to youngsters.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

This is so much fun to look back on all these quilts that I have long forgotton.

Michelle said...

I love them all, but I love the first one the best!

kt said...

I say you can never have too bright for a baby quilt! :) they all look fabulous though... I don't think I've ever known anyone as prolific as you, that's for sure. way to go! :) so many people benefiting from your gift (even yourself!).

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Again 3 more awesome quilts. I think the bright colors look great