Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2006 - Way too many Babies

In January of 2006 I realized that we had 7 friends/family members that were expecting. Not knowing girl or boy for some of them, I just decided to make 4 girl and 4 boy quilts. I did all log cabin, all same colors just put them in different settings.

How I did it, I don't know, but I missed taking pictures of 2 of the boy quilts. One is still in my possession waiting for a home. All I know is that I made enough log cabin squares to make 2 Queen Sized Quilts.

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

Holly's Quilt

Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt

And then I realized, with all the Log Cabin Quilts I've made, I've never made one for myself so I made this monstrosity. I named it Rainbow Bright.

Rainbow Brite Log Cabin

Like I said...I don't know why!!!


Carol VR said...

I particularly love the colours in the last one. It's amazing how different they all look just by setting them different ways.

Kristie said...

Very Beautiful quilts! You are Wonder Woman when it comes to making quilts.

Moneik said...

You were mad dashing to make quilts and got them all done! I can't believe how many you have made. We're still waiting for our boy or girl... any day now. Then I can start making the baby quilt.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

My favorite is the rainbow bright one and it's always been so.

Hazel said...

The rainbow one is very pretty and I like the way you arranged the blocks .

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I love your rainbow bright quilt.. maybe I'll have to finish the patriotic log cabin I started so long ago