Monday, June 30, 2008

A Fabulous Weekend of Sewing

First, you know I've got to get some Insane Ramblings out of the way. It just wouldn't be a blog post of one of mine without them!

I want to quit the Post Office.

Yeah, you heard me right. It's sort of like the Friends episode where I think it's Chandler and Ross who want to quit the health club and then when that isn't successful they try to quit the bank in an effort to not have to pay for the health club membership. So yes, I wanna quit the post office. I changed our address three different ways. Jen Maiden Name, Jen Married Name, Mike Last name. I specifically didn't change the "FAMILY" because I'm so tired of getting junk mail for my Mom, Dad, Mike's Dad, etc. to our address. Sure, I got married seven years ago but last year our mail woman decided to not deliver anything with my Married Name, everything I got was crossed off with my maiden name written on it, and things got returned to sender. So here I was, trying to cover all bases. Sigh. Now again I'm getting mail only under my maiden name and Mike isn't getting any mail at all. Mind you, I've now gone through the change of address process three different times online. And, do you know they charge you $1 per pop? It's not about the $1, it's about the fact that although you're paying to prove you are who you say you are; they're not keeping records of this for you to check on your status a few weeks later.

Now, this move...I've switched counties. Milwaukee to Waukesha. Guess who got a summons on Saturday to appear for Jury Duty in July in MILWAUKEE COUNTY. You can go online and fill out your Juror Questionaire and you can read all the FAQ's about being a juror but no where does it cover the question of; what if I no longer live in the county. I've tried calling a few different phone numbers that have been listed but am getting no where. My luck, I'll end up having to appear on 7/28 only to be sent away and then losing a day of work and pay because of it. Can I also note that this is my third time being called in 10 years? I realize you can get called every 2-4 years but seriously....3 times? Mike hasn't been called YET. My mom hasn't been called in this amount of time either. In fact, I only know a scant amount of people who have even been called in that amount of time; muchless THREE times.

Then Mike tells me about an annoying person that we both know who turns out lives a few doors down from us. I'm immediately horrified. I emailed with a few of my cousins and although they're horrified right along with me, they're all laughing their a$$es off and thanking god that it's me and not them. Sigh. Cousins....gotta love 'em!! It's a nightmare...really it is.

Ok, moving onto the weekend. Mom and I did some shopping trying to find an additional bookcase for Quilt Studio East. We had a difficult time finding one to match the ones we already had.

Saturday I went to work and when I got home to start sewing I just couldn't get going. I was supposed to make an apron for Chelsy's graduation gift but the directions are screwy. I've emailed the pattern company to ask for clarification. I feel really silly doing so but I just can't wrap my head around how the pattern pieces are supposed to be laid out for cutting; I have a page that has the same info on each side. Then I played with my shower curtain for a bit and ended up not sewing that together. Finally I settled on a project. I decided that Holly needed a bandana to wear to help cheer me on for the Quilting competition I'm starting with Moneik and Jill.



Next I started cutting for my Fresh Squeezed Wallhanging that will go in the kitchen.




Mom started cutting a Yellow Brick road quilt that one minute was going to be a Lap quilt and the next thing I knew she decided she was going to make a shower curtain too. It was around midnight when she went home and she came back Sunday afternoon and we sewed until around 11.

Mike and I hung the first two things in our new digs. A calendar and clock in my studio so I can record my competition hours.



Tonight I came home from work and got right to quilting. I finished assembling my Fresh Squeezed Wallhanging.


Then I decided to do the side seams for the sheers I'm making for the living room. I left the material in one big chunk. Now I can cut it apart and do the top and bottom hem's. Here's a wrinkly picture of my sheer fabric.


It's after midnight now and I'm still typing this crazy entry. Part of me just wants to sew something for about 15 minutes so Jill and Moneik wake up in the morning to see that I already have put time in on the competition. The other part of me says, go to bed and start fresh as soon as I get home from work tomorrow!


Oh, and I've got to say. I can't believe how much time Holly spends with me in my quilting studio. I thought for sure she'd ditch me for her daddy and she's not! Hmm, she must like that I folded up a quilt and put it on the floor for her.



Suzan said...

Love the new wall hanging - it would make me happy to be in the kitchen!

Michelle said...

Wow! I can't wait to see your new place. Your sewing studio looks great, and I'm so happy Holly roams freely now.

Love your sheers and your wallhanging. One of these days, Louie and I have GOT to head north to see you again!

jillquilts said...

I can't believe that you have the wall hanging done already! I got summoned for jury duty while at my last job and my boss actually told me to lie to get out of it. Unbelievable. It made me happy to get out of that place!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Love the studio! So big! it's officially July 1st and the competition is on! I'm pulling for ya Jen! Sorry about the jury duty. Should I not tell you that as old as I am, I've never been called? They must know I'm insane!

Freeblady said...

That wall hanging looks just like the pattern picture! Beautiful! I'm glad Holly is now comfortable going up and down the steps for you so now she can join you. She looks like she's enjoying time just chillin' out.

Carol VR said...

Here in Canada, if your boss writes a note explaining how your absence will upset the boat, your off the hook.

I'm never been called, but I know people who have. At our work place, we pay your wages so long as you can prove whereabouts for jury duty.

Oh and about the neighbour, we need more clarification about why their wonky.

Diane said...

The wall hanging is really bright and cheerful. Cannot wait until you hang it up. You sewing area is great.

Moneik said...

Love the wall hanging! I was getting my last minute prep. in too, so I'd be ready. I went to bed early, so I'd be wide awake tonight so I could sew for a long time! Let the competition begin!

Beth said...

I think that sheer would make a GREAT panto! Get tracing girl! OH! and that Rosie the quilter fabric you made Holly? that fabric was designed by the lady who sold me my frame! Small world!

Regina said...

Love the studio and the sheers - don't you hate "sewer's block"...

Here's wishing you LOTS of it during July (go Jill go Jill!!!)

Have fun!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Let the competition begin

Connie said...

Fresh Squeezed is awesome! Glad your fur baby is moving at will through the new place! I'm amazed at the jury duty you've been tagged for--I have NEVER been called. Ever. Weird.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I love your wall hanging. I do believe that my decorations will be changed a bit when I get back.. LOL.. I have so many ideas and no time to play


kt said...

not unlike the other 13 people who commented... I love your 'fresh squeezed'. can't wait to see it hung up in its final spot. :) I got called for jury duty about a year ago now... and I was actually ON the jury. it was a drug case in new haven county, which if you know CT... isn't the greatest of counties. AND I ended up being the madame foreperson. UGH! best of luck NOT having to go. :)

Lynn E said...

I love the colors in your Fresh squeezed. Your furbaby Holly looks very content.