Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's CRAZY here!!

It's been a crazy few days. Last Friday when we got home from work there was a message on our answering machine from our current landlord saying what we were going to owe for rent between June 1st and June 15th...I freaked because we were supposed to first be getting our keys for our new digs on June 15th. Right away I started thinking...how the heck are we going to completely move in ONE day, and on Father's Day to boot??? I couldn't get ahold of the landlord so I just figured I'd be a day late and stop in there Monday on my way home from work.

Monday after work comes and I stop at the office. I say I'm there to pay the rent just that I need the amount and, she looks at me like I have three heads and says, "Mike already did." Uhh what? Mike the man who won't dig in my purse if his life depended on it went on in to find the check book. My cell phone rings, he brings me the whole purse. I toss his keys in my purse, he brings me the whole purse. He needs cash; I say I have some (Ok, who are we kidding, it's the other way around 95% of the time because I have an aversion to actually going to the bank), he brings me my purse instead of just going in and grabbing half of whatever I've said I have. So, I pull out the check book and I DO see Mike's handwriting and I can tell it's for three something but there's nothing in the Pay To field. So now we're both like...hmmmmmm. She pulls out the bank bags so we can go through to look and see. I tell her they are Shrek checks...she giggles...what, Mike picked them out....and bought 4 boxes...in 2001. We STILL have almost 2 completely full boxes. What can I say, I pay bills online! We find the check and both go back on our merry ways.

I text Mike and say, "U Suck." He calls back:
Mike: Why do I suck?
Jen: Cause I went to pay the rent to find it was already paid. You never go in my purse so it never dawned on me to look at the checkbook first.
Mike: We're moving.
Jen: Yeah, I get that. It's a matter of when.
Mike: No, we're moving. I just talked to them. The people being evicted are out, they just need to paint, carpet and swap out appliances.
Jen: Oh shit, when?
Mike: Possibly by the weekend.
Jen: WHAT??? OMG OMG OMG, I-H-A-V-E-N-O-T-P-A-C-K-E-D-Y-E-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike: Oh hey look, your mom just almost t-boned a car.
Jen: WHAT?

So ok, Monday night we go grab dinner and ship Holly off to my Mom's and Mom, Mike and I set to packing. Mom and I got the sewing room including the frame taken apart and moved to the garage about 90% packed.

I had a slight meltdown. I don't know why but I'm going to blog about it before my mom does and before Mike tells the whole free world. We're packing away and we had picture frames on top of the desk hutch. Along with those pictures is a tin container that we have my old dog Sherman's ashes in. I started to cry...these gut wrenching sobs...because we were going to live in a place that he had never known. It's like I couldn't take him being put in a box and being sealed up. I don't know, I don't get it, I can't explain it. I'm not even sure it really had to do with him...maybe that was just my breaking point. All I know is that he ended up going home in my Mom's purse and will hang out on top of her entertainment center until we move and I can take him directly from her house to our new one.

Wait...segway for a story... Weeks ago, our friends Michelle and Louie came up from Iowa to cut a hole in a sewing table to recess my mom's machine. Oops, back further than that... When my Grandma moved out of her apartment last month (She's a gypsy currently until she gets in her apartment) my Mom and Aunt Kitty didn't want to put my Grandpa's plastic box of ashes in with the rest of the stuff going into storage so he went home with my Mom. It's a plastic box. Louie cuts the hole in the table in the house and all this fine saw dust is floating through the air and well...decides to stick to the plastic box about 10 feet away. Now, I hadn't noticed the box until this point and I didn't realize that sawdust was EVERYWHERE. We clean up from that and later that night my jaw drops because I see this box and I start to freak and lose all common sense and ask (oh yes...I asked), "Mom, is Grandpa falling out of his box?????" Yeah, she skipped a few beats and then it registered with her...SAWDUST. So anywho...currently my mom's apartment is "Cindy's House of Ashes" between housing Grandpa and now Sherman.

Ok, so my sobs...Mike and my Mom are looking at me like I'm insane and they're LAUGHING at me. As hard as I'm crying, they're LAUGHING.

Today, after work we go grab dinner. We're at Hawg City and M&M (Mike & Mom) start telling the owner; also a Mike about my crazy sobbing meltdown and they're still LAUGHING. I proceed to tell them both that they are a$$holes and the laughing gets worse. We come home and on our railing years ago I had hooked his collar on and it's been there ever since. I've added Holly collars to it as she's gotten new ones. I don't know, it's like the home for wayward collars. I suppose it's like not wanting to throw out your kids favorite outfits because of certain memories or SOMETHING. So, I go to take all of the collars off and I start sobbing again. More laughter from everyone but me.

Mom and I are back in the sewing room but by this point I'm ready to be DONE with the sewing room until things get moved out to the garage. So we go to the kitchen. I start throwing things out because honestly...just how long is the life expectancy of rubbermaid & tupperware containers? We've got a motley bunch, it was time for them to go. Now I'm just opening random cabinets and tossing stuff...it's easier than packing it and then trying to figure out later where it should go, Mom was busy packing up my Pampered Chef Stoneware.

I don't know, I realize I've packed for what, 2 nights now? But I'm done. I can't move forward until some of this furniture gets out of here. I'm thankful that my mom is lending a hand and helping out but inside I'm screaming...THIS ISN'T A RACE. WE DON'T HAVE TO MOVE EVERYTHING IN ONE DAY AND YOU'RE STRESSING ME OUT. I don't need absolutely everything in boxes in each room. We are getting time to move, we're taking the time. If we have to make a million and one trips; well that's a million and one trips that Mike and I will do. Once I leave work on Friday, Mike and I don't go back until Thursday. Sure, we can get a truck on say Saturday if we've got the keys, we can load up the main furniture when we have people to help, load up whatever boxes we have but you know what, the rest can just stay put for the moment. I don't need absolutley everything in my kitchen the same day. It's not like come Saturday night I'm gong to try to cook a meal. As long as our bed gets moved, our clothing, the bathroom stuff, my sewing room...after that, everything else can just come as it gets packed. I just can't possibly pack anything else when there's all this stuff and all these boxes in the way.

Furthermore...I've always kept my Christmas Village out. It sits above the kitchen cabinets. I have green fabric so it looks like Grass instead of snow. The original reason was because we didn't have much storage space. Ok, these things have been out forever now...and I really EVER going to bring them out at Christmas time again? I really feel like just keeping a few key pieces and tossing the rest.

Oh, and did I mention? I tried to do some laundry on Monday night. The washer got off balance, wayyyyy off balance and the drum is way screwed up. It probably needs to be re-hung or something. So in the middle of all of this...no more laundry can be done until we get to our new place and our washer and dryer gets delivered.

Now, it's 2:55AM on Wednesday MORNING as I finish writing this. I've been wide awake for about an hour now. I'm looking forward to the fact that I'm headed to PW after work tomorrow just so I can get away from the dustbowl...I mean apartment. My throat, eyes, everything...just itch. Seriously though, the TV is on and there is infomercial after infomercial on. That "body shaper," just where does your body fat hide while it's sucked in there? I mean it has to escape somewhere. You can't tell me it really doesn't eek out the top or bottom. And if it doesn't..just how the he!! do you even get it ON???

On wait, one more thing before I go. I cancelled our home phone today. We're moving 1.5 miles and yet we're moving to a different area code. We've been tossing around the idea for a while now but kept it just for emergencies. Well...I pulled up our bill history. We pay after taxes and all that between $20 & $22 dollars per month for a basic phone, no caller id, no call waiting, 4 cents per call. Do you know that over a 12 month period we've only made 98 calls? I'm guessing 95 of those calls were to get my cell phone to ring so that I could find where I left it in the house. By the time I added up all that we've paid for the year and divided it by the amount of calls we've made it came to $2.50 PER PHONE CALL. Ummm, WHAT? That totally sealed the deal. So I call the phone company and I get put on hold until someone can help me. It then takes 17 minutes to cancel our home phone. 17 mintues!! I had my speech all down pat. I'm cancelling it because I'm not going to continue paying $2.50 per phone call, the only incoming calls we get are telemarketers or political ads, we're moving to a different area code and it's just not worth the hassel notifying everyone of a mere area code change. Yeah this customer service rep was going on and on about all the reasons why I should keep said account. You know what? I could buy another cell phone and keep it plugged into the wall at home, add it to my plan at $9.99 a month and STILL have it come out cheaper than an actual land line. 17 minutes to cancel my phone. I kept telling her, I didn't need to hear her schpeal because my mind was made up but then she kept starting said shpeal over again. It was like that movie, "GroundHawg Day."


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh Jen...you are stressing out! Wish I could help you. Does it help to know I'm laughing a bit too? Sorry! I'm so glad you got all this extra time to move. Early morning tv sucks...Big Time Sucks! I just go to CNN and wait for that to set me off each morning. It never fails to do that. Hang tuff!

Suzan said...

Probably the biggest reason for your meltdown was stress. It was either cry about something or start running around and screaming. I bet your family is happy you decided to cry instead! It will all be over in a couple of days...and then you need a couple of vacation days to just crash! :)

Michelle said...

SOON, you will be able to set back, and LAUGH about this, but right now, I understand what you are going through. BREATHE!

Carla said...

Whew! I'm stressed just reading this!

Hazel said...

It will all be over soon Jen just hang in there .In a few days you will be so happy with all the extra room you have the stress will be forgotten .

Regina said...

Ugh - moving stress - it's the WORST!!! I would get all worked up, and then the day AFTER the move would come down with the wicked post-stress migraine. I don't wish that on you - everything will get moved, or tossed, one box at a time.

Connie said...

Oh my gosh. Hang in there--you are going to need a nice big hot bath and a pedicure or something to unwind yourself when the dust is all settled!! You poor thing--keep breathing in and out and know that "this too shall pass" and before you know it this'll all just be a memory! I'm sending good vibes your way!

jillquilts said...

OMG!! Hysterical! Too funny! Seriously! I hate having to deal with customer service on ANYTHING! But the phone companies are th worst!

kt said...

dude. I totally feel your pain. I get super teary eyed and going into 'sap mode' whenever I think about my pets that have gone over the rainbow bridge. I'll even get into moods where I think about how awful it will be when my *current* pets cross over (and they are nowhere near it)... that's the point when das laughs and shakes his head at me. boys just don't get it! and with the moving... I am a wicked procrastinator... so it's always spending 24 hours straight packing up my life. which is why I hate it so much. too much crap! BUT... just think of how good it will feel to restart your life in your new apartment! good times and new memories! :)

good luck!!

Diane said...

Jen, you are under some stress! Everything will work out fine. A good cry sometimes makes thing more manageable.

Good luck

Michelle said...

Hang in there... moving is never fun. But if you get rid of all that other stuff, think of how much more room you will have for MORE fabric!

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to stress you out. I'll just stay home and out of the way until you're ready.