Monday, June 9, 2008

Standing around with a thumb up my a$$

We went to the townhouse Saturday afternoon to wait for our washer and dryer to be delivered. Once they arrived we were going to run to the hardware store to get dryer duct but as we were leaving the tornado sirens started going off. We decided to go back to my Mom's since Holly and Murphy were there alone. I called and called and called and called my Mom. Turns out she was shopping. How in the world did she NOT hear the sirens?? So there Mike and I are at her house watching the radar. It was getting bad and quick. Mike decides to run home to pick up extra flash lights and a radio with batteries just in case. Finally she gets home. We wait out the storm.

Now after this round of storm we still need to go out to Home Depot to get the dryer vent. The three of us took off in two different directions. Mom and I lolligag and Mike is on a mission. We checked out lighting and I bought a $15 lamp for the living room. At least this gives us something to have on in the Townhouse until we get the rest of our stuff moved. We're going to need a few extra lamps anyway. They didn't have what Mike was after but we noticed that there was a frenzy over by the sump pumps. Looked there was LOTS of basement flooding. We headed to Menards to get the rest of the items that we needed so we headed down Hwy. 100 only the road was flooded over between Beloit Road and Layton so we needed to get on the freeway for a brief 2 miles. Once at Menards, we noticed that there were quite a few more frenzied people; you could tell they had been in their flooded basements. It was so busy in each store that it reminded us of Black Friday shopping.

We stopped at McDonalds on our way home; approximately 9pm. We were probably in there about 15 minutes and that McDonalds is maybe 4 miles from our apartment. We didn't actually make it home until 10:45. It wasn't traffic that was a problem, it was more flooded roads. We had to try to avoid different sections of the roads. We were in Mike's Giant Truck; which by the way I just found out he named Laverne. Giggle. Anywho, it was sort of fun driving around in the 'Ark.'

On Sunday Mike went to the Townhouse to put in the dryer vent and Mom and I headed to Target to see what kind of stuff I needed; cleaning wise. Then we did some laundry. That new washer ROCKS!!!

I picked up a new digital camera while at Target; we needed to replace Mike's. It's a 8X Optical Zoom and 8 megapixels!

So now I can take videos with sound! I decided to take you on a tour of our new Townhouse.


But, all in all, as my title boasts. I feel like we're just standing around with our thumbs up our a$$eS not really getting anything done. Then again with the horrible storms we've had, we wouldn't be able to move yet anyway. The painting on the lower level is done but not the upstairs so it's not like we can move anything in. We'll see how things progress today.


Winona said...

That looks just like the camera my husband gave me for my birthday in March. I love my camera. Your new home looks nice. You should have plenty of room for your quilting.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Way cool video! The new place is so big! You may not have much kitchen space, but you might could use one of those giant closets as a pantry. That would help a lot. I'm looking forward to the tour "with stuff" goof!
Regina to put a voice to the face, btw....

kt said...

what kind of washer did you get?! das and I are going to be getting a washer when we move... and if you say yours is awesome, I want to look into it! :D

sounds like you guys have been having as much rain as we've been having heat... it's officially a heat wave now... scorching sun and high humidity - AWESOME! :)

well, don't feel too bad about sitting around... you're right... not much you can do with the storms coming through. and paint won't dry in the wet either! it'll get done eventually. :)

Kristie said...

Very Nice!!! I'm sure you are so excited!!! Lot's of room!

Beth said...

Thanks for the tour! I can't wait to see the STUFF..and the quilts on the walls!

Sandi said...

Way cool video must admit jealous of all your storage space...WOW. Happy moving and can't wait to see it full.

Moneik said...

Sorry to hear you can't get moved in. I'm sure it's driving you nuts. Nice camera though. We have a new one and a new video camera that we are having a blast playing with!