Sunday, June 15, 2008

What's this? A real post?

(First paragraph written Friday night)
Only because as I sit here, I'm sicker than a dog. I had a Ranch Chicken Sandwich last night for dinner at McD's. I think it's a combo of that, the severe humidity we've had, the running around and Mike's pretty sure I'm dehydrated - which I totally could be. My stomach and intestines feel like they're being ripped to shreds - we'll leave it at that.

We finally got the OK to move in on Wednesday at 4:00 PM. Yes, we did get quite a bit done/purchased for the new place between Friday night and Wednesday afternoon but it wasn't anything too productive. We feel like we wasted 3 days of vacation. I had to work Wednesday night and while I did that my Mom was giving the apartment a good once over where it needed it. Mike, his buddy Barry and my Dad moved in furniture. By late Wednesday night it was raining...AGAIN. It rained on and off on Thursday so we were either moving stuff or packing stuff while it rained. Friday I was back at work while Mike moved stuff all day long. How he does it, I'll never know. By the time I was done with work and finally able to help we had dinner...and you already know the rest of THAT story. I was in so much pain that as I was driving from the old apartment to the townhouse I was doubled over with my chin practially on the steering wheel. I worked on Saturday and while I did, Mike and his buddy Voss moved practically everything that was remaining in the apartment including the garage. Mike also tried to saw apart the horrible desk (Remember the public announcement that I made to both my parents about the desk? No one took me up on it.). When sawing didn't work Mike donkey kicked the sides off...I kid you not. Had it not been such a split decision I would have taken a video of it. So here we are, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm about to turn the West Bedroom into Cre8tive Quilting Studio West. Giggle.

In the mean time, we have an open stair case. For the LOVE OF DOG...does anyone have any ideas for me? I've put quilts over the stairs, old curtains over the open railings. Here's a video of what we've had to do:


We obviously can't have quilts and curtains and such on the stairs forever! Help!!

Edited to add: We're not looking for a permanent or even semi permanent modification to the stairs. We're looking for ideas to help Holly get past this. Some kind of training aide. Tough love; putting her training collar on and having her 'heel' and walk along side of me didn't work at all. I didn't know her toes were that long!!!


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

My thoughts are still the same. Just let her and eventually she's going to do it on her own or she's going to miss out on alot. One of these days when you least expect it she'll go up and down.

Michelle said...

I would go to Lowe's or someplace, buy a sheet of plywood, cut it so size, or measure before you go, and have them cut it to size, and nail it to the backside of the steps. You might have to paint the front side, so it doesn't look like bare wood, but that should work. At work, we have metal steps that go up to a mezzanine and second floor. They simply took sheets of rolled metal and screwed the sheets of metal to the steps. It collects dirt from your shoes, but you can vacuum. Otherwise, buy a dark colored sheet, and do the same, from the underside. Stretch it across the framework of the steps so she can't see through. The quilts are going to make someone fall and break something, like an ankle, a tailbone, etc.

As for the railing, drape a quilt over it so she can't see through it, or do the same. Place a piece of painted wood, or something so she can't see through. I can just about imagine how her tummy must feel if she is scared. Kind of like, for me, walking across a walkway to a damn. You know you are ok, but you still just get butterflies, or sometimes, BATS flying around inside your tummy.

Good luck and let me know what you figure out.

Kristie said...

Poor little Holly!!! I feel so sorry for her! Glad you are getting settled in your new place! Hope you are feeling better. Hunter got sick on Friday too. He got a Happy Meal and then got sick in the car, needless to say I had to stop buy wet wipes and a new pair of shorts. He was so upset, being almost 6 it has been a long time since he had an accident.

jillquilts said...

I had a dog that wouldn't go up stairs that didn't have a runner so that she could actually see between each step. Give her time and when she is ready, she will make it upstairs. Until then, make her comfortable on the first level. When you and Mike are upstairs and she wants you both badly enough, she will bite the bullet and get her butt up them. That's what Bitsy did.

Colleen said...

I agree with your mom. She'll do it eventually. My in-law's dog was afraid to walk on anything but carpet. She eventually got over it because she wanted to be in the kitchen with food. Holly will eventually get over it, too.

Christine said...

If leashing her didn't work, I'm not sure what to do. Are the steps under the blankets carpeted or wood?

Connie said...

It's a big stress to animals to move--combine that with this new-fangled stair thing and I'm sure she's just bewildered and stressed. Don't force her to do anything--it will just add to her resistance. I think over time she'll get used to it. If the stairs are bare, can you maybe cut some carpet strips and ask at the hardware store for a safe adhesive idea to tack down the carpet strips? Having something her nails can grip would help for sure. Good luck and give your doggy a lot of love--she's trying to get used to someplace new too--dogs are so sensitive, I'm sure she's been tuned in to how stressed out you have been leading up to the move.

Moneik said...

Give her time and she'll find out how to get up them. She'll want to be with you and Mike. Missy had the same problem when we put in the wood stairs, she wouldn't go up them for quite a while and now it's not a problem.

Freeblady said...

I feel your pain Jen. We recently moved and our dog won't go down the steps to our lower level (we have a bi-level home), but if he comes in through the garage, he will go up the stairs. We've even opened the front door to try to even get him to come outside.

Can you tack something similar color/darkness to the carpet to the back of the stairs? Maybe the bulkiness of the quilts is also making her hesitant? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that she'll come up the steps for you. Do you know if any of your new neighbors have dogs? Maybe one of them might have a trick?